The 8 Best Mommy and Me Outfits

One of the most fun things to do around Mother’s Day—or really any day—is to dress up to match your kids. Mommy and me outfits are adorable, and a great way to celebrate the bond you have with your children. If you are stuck while looking for cute outfits for you and your littles, we have ideas! Here are eight of the best mommy and me outfits out there, right now.

1. Joggers for the Win!

One of the biggest trends over the last few years has been joggers. Joggers are comfy and come in a huge variety of colors and patterns. They are also equally great for lounging as well as wearing out and about. In addition, joggers pair well with almost any kind of top. Everything from a t-shirt to a sweatshirt. 

The great thing about using joggers for mommy and me outfits is that you can either match the joggers exactly for both you and your littles, or you can get one color for you and your littles can get another color. With the latter, you’ll both still match, but you can also show off more personal preference and style. This is great for moms with older kiddos that may not be as into matching their mom anymore. Joggers are trendy and since they come in more than one color, you can get the joys of matching while still keeping kiddos who want to do their own thing happy.

2. Matching Plaids

If you are looking for a really cute more formal way to match your kiddos, try a set of adorable matching plaids. There is a stylish shirtdress option for mom as well as dresses for older girls. Often, the boys get left out in mommy and me outfits, but not this time. There are dress shirts for both baby boys and older boys. If your girls do not like dresses, there are also girls' shirt options!

These plaids would be so cute for Easter or other spring and summer gatherings. 

3. Classic White Tee with a Twist

If you are looking to get more everyday wear out of your mommy and me outfits, try this classic white shirt that has a twist. These tie-front tops will be adorable as a matching set, but they are cute enough for your daughter and you to wear on your own as well. These tops also can be worn with anything; Jeans, khakis, or even skirts. Throw on a cute pair of matching sandals or a casual pair of low-profile sneakers to complete your look. 

For some added fun, you could always get matching mommy and me headbands to brighten up your outfits!

4. Matching Patterns

If you and your little ones are into bright colors, then we have the perfect outfits for you! These mommy and me dresses come in the brightest patterns and colors you will find almost anywhere. Another fun thing is that with this collection, there are often multiple options for styles of dresses. So, you and your daughter can match but still, have some independence and show off your personal styles as well. Add some matching sandals for a cute look that you can wear from spring until the end of the summer!

5. Lounging the Day Away

If you and your kiddo are more interested in lounging, these lounging sets are perfect for you! Often, mommy and me outfits are more for dressing up. This can be so fun for Mother’s Day, mom’s birthday, family pictures, and more. However, there are times that you want to be casual while matching as well. So, throw on a set of comfy sweats and a crewneck sweatshirt. You will both be set for a day of comfort and memory-making.

6. Matching Sweatshirts

It is hard to find anyone who does not love a cozy crewneck sweatshirt. If you are more into classic colors, these adorable mommy and me sweatshirts are for you! The mommy sweatshirt features the word “mama” in black lettering on a white sweatshirt. The little’s sweatshirt says “mini” in white lettering on a black sweatshirt. So, it is matching, but not too matchy. You can also buy as many “mini” sweatshirts as you need to since they do not come as a set. So, if you have more than one “mini” you can buy more than one sweatshirt without having to buy multiple “mama” ones.

7. Light and Airy

Whether you are looking to dress up for a more formal event or you are looking for the perfect family picture outfits, these mommy and me dresses take the cake. The mommy dress, girls’ dress, and baby romper are all stunningly light and airy. If you want to give each person some personal freedom with this outfit, it is the perfect neutral-colored canvas. Since it is a cream color. You each could wear it with different accessories like headbands, necklaces, earrings, and even shoes. This will give a matching look while letting everyone express themselves a bit.

8. Matching Jumpsuits

While dresses and shirts are great, what about an all-in-one option? These adorable jumpsuits for moms and jumpsuits for kiddos are perfect for summer. They are a great option if you do not want to look for matching pants and shirts–and if you are not into dresses. The mama jumpsuit comes in four different colors (black, white, green, and blue.) while the jumpsuit for your mini only comes in black. 

This is a great way to match your little one exactly, or you can branch out. You can always get the jumpsuit in a different color. It’s a great set if you want to match, but maybe your daughter is getting older and doesn’t want to match you exactly. This jumpsuit fits the bill perfectly!

Bonus Idea for Older Kids

If your kids are getting older (like we’ve mentioned above), and they are not as into matching anymore, you can always get a smaller item or accessory that you can match. It is a more subtle way to create a bond with your kids without overwhelming their personal style. So, get matching bracelets, necklaces, headbands, or shoes. That way, you can be happy knowing that you all match in a fun way that they will not roll their eyes about too much.

If your littles want to match you, soak it up! There will come a phase (like we mentioned above) when they will want to be their own person and will not like matching anymore. So, enjoy all of the fun matching moments while they last!