About Us

With a princess-obsessed little girl, we play make-believe, have tea parties, and own many tiaras and princess dresses. I wanted my daughter, Presley, to have all the dress-up clothes she wanted for herself, as well as plenty for when her friends came over to play. But finding cute and comfortable dresses that were reasonably priced was hard. Everything was itchy, uncomfortable, and overpriced.

Since I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I started making my own dress-up clothes, and that’s how Presley Couture got started! Made from comfortable materials that allow for all-day play – not to mention extremely affordable and easy to wash – our amazingly soft and charming dresses are what yours and your daughter’s dreams are made of.

We at Presley Couture are passionate about our families and dedicated to yours. That’s why it’s our mission to continue making adorably cute, totally comfortable, and completely cost-effective dresses that will turn your little girl into the beautiful princess she believes she is.