What To Wear With Joggers (Complete Guide For Kids)

The ever-so-popular jogger is here to stay! Whether they’re for lounging around the house or wearing them to school, your kids will look great! However, sometimes putting together outfits that go well with joggers can be tricky, even for adults! Here are a few head-to-toe ideas of things that pair well with joggers, for kids!

Classic Tee

There’s always the classic go-to, a plain t-shirt. A plain t-shirt with joggers in most color combinations will look amazing! Long or short sleeves can both be paired with joggers, as well. This can also be a great opportunity to teach younger kids about matching and complementary colors. 


A hoodie with joggers is a kind of obvious go-to, but we have to mention it because it’s so comfy! Some joggers come with matching hoodies as a set. However, if you joggers didn’t come with a hoodie, not to worry! You can pair almost any hoodie with joggers and have it look great. If you’re looking for a less laid-back look, opt for a zip-up hoodie to add some dimension to your outfit.

Crew Neck

A crew-neck shirt or sweatshirt will look great with joggers! Just throw on a neutral pair of joggers like black, brown, or charcoal. If your kiddo is looking for a more fun look, pair a neutral-colored crewneck (like white, black, or brown) with a bold-colored pair of joggers. 

A Ball Cap

Does your kiddo love ball caps? If so, this is the perfect opportunity for them to wear one. Adding a ball cap to any jogger outfit will give it a fun laid-back look. A baseball cap looks best when paired with a classic tee or a hoodie. Match up the colors of their top and joggers with the cap, and you’ll be all set. 

Even if your son or daughter hasn’t worn ball caps in the past, this might be a great opportunity for them to try something new. Start with a cap in their favorite color or one that represents their favorite sports team. They’ll look great, and as an added bonus, they’ll have a little extra protection from the sun.

A Tee and an Oversized Button-up Shirt

Another great way to make a jogger's outfit look more interesting is to pair a neutral-colored T-shirt with an oversized button-up shirt. For example, you could grab a pair of black joggers, pair them with a white tee, throw on some red chucks, and put a red oversized button-up over the top. Leave the oversized top unbuttoned to complete the look.

No Show Socks

When it comes to shoes and joggers, it can get tricky. The way that the jogger’s cuffs look with your kiddo’s shoes is really important to the overall look. It also doesn’t usually involve the jogger cuffs sitting right at the top of the shoes. No, most people pull the jogger cuffs up to show their ankles or even some of their legs. In these instances, you won’t want a pair of socks peeking out, even a little, past your ankle. Opt for no-show or very low-profile socks.


There are only so many kinds of shoes that will look great with joggers. Chuck Taylors are one of them! Opt for a low-top pair in a neutral color if you want them to blend in. If you’re looking to make a statement, a bold-colored pair of chucks with a neutral-colored shirt and joggers is so cute! Don’t forget the no-show sock, though. As a reminder, you don’t want socks peeking out and ruining your look!

Athletic Sneakers

Another great shoe choice is a low-profile set of athletic shoes with joggers. Again, don’t forget the no-show socks. Make sure that you look at how the pant leg looks best with the shoes, and move the pant leg up or down as needed to achieve the desired look.

Colors and Matches

Colors and how they go together can have a huge impact on how everyone wears joggers. If you and your kids are joggers newbies, consider starting with a nice neutral color like black. This will allow you a lot of creative freedom with the colors you pair with your joggers since almost every color can be paired with black. Once you’ve mastered your go-to joggers' looks, branch out! Get bright pink, baby blue, or joggers with patterns. 

Another fun way to play with colors and joggers is to play with a monochrome look and add a pop of color. For example, if your son wears a black tee shirt with black joggers, he can wear a bright-colored pair of shoes and even a matching hat for a look that makes a statement while still looking classic. You can also do the opposite and pair neutral-colored shoes and accessories with brightly-colored tops and joggers.

If your kiddo likes bold colors all around, that can be done too! Just teach them about complementary colors and what pairs well together. When you’re pairing pants that aren’t jeans to outfits, a lot more about matching comes into play. Instead of wearing any colored top with a pair of blue jeans, kids have to learn how to match joggers that come in many colors and patterns with tops, shoes, and hats. This is a great opportunity to teach matching skills that they can continue to use as they dress themselves in the future.

Move the Pant Leg

If you get joggers for your kids that are tight around the ankles, it also gives you more options. As mentioned, being able to move the pant leg up and down can allow you to wear other kinds of shoes, create dimension in your outfit, give you longer-looking legs, and more. The key thing to remember is that unless your kiddo is going for a more formal look, they’ll want their ankles and legs to show, just a bit when they are wearing joggers. It’s just part of the look and style, right now.

What Makes Them Comfortable and Happy

The most important thing to teach your kids about clothes is that they need to feel good while wearing them. If your son likes bright neon colors, help him match those colors up with black or neutral-colored joggers. If your daughter likes more girly or feminine-looking shirts, help her find a top that has some cute touches (like ruffle sleeves) and pair those with a great set of pink joggers. No matter what their style, as long as they feel confident and happy, they’ll be able to pull it off.

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