How to Host the Perfect Princess Party

If your little girl loves dressing up like a princess, then you automatically have an easy-to-plan birthday party! No little kid’s party can ever be strictly called “easy,” but you’ll at least have the resources to make planning and pulling off the perfect party a breeze.

Which Princess?

First of all, make sure you know who your daughter’s favorite princess is. This may have changed since you last heard her sing the theme song from that princess’ movie over and over (and over again!), so check in with your little girl. Browse through these princess dresses and see which one makes her eyes sparkle. 

Top off the outfit with some adorable matching mouse ears, and you are good to go. Make it even better by imitating the princess’ hairstyle and adding the ears on top.

Decide What Kind of Princess Party

What do princesses do when they get together? Discuss the political ramifications of corporate buyouts? Hmmm…maybe when they’re older. Right now, I’m thinking of high tea. This lets you go in full-on cute mode with teacups, tiny plates, and mini edibles. Mom and Dad bowing and scraping while acting as royal servers will inspire tons of giggles, especially if they overact as much as possible. End with a Royal Ball dance party to get rid of the sugar high from the cake, and you’ll have a bunch of grateful parents.

You can have other themes for the party like Princesses on Parade or a carnival, but drinking a pretend tea is always a hit.


Choose games geared toward your birthday girl’s age group. To be safe, plan for twice as many games as you think you’ll need, just in case they zip through them too fast or get bored. Here are some great ideas such as Kiss the Frog (blindfolded kissing a paper frog with lipstick), Make Your Own Princess Wand, and a Royal Treasure Hunt.

Building a blanket fort castle sounds like a blast for any young princess. Have plenty of pillows and blankets and be ready to lend a hand.


Make sure to have plenty of party favors on hand. 

When you send out the invitations, let the parents know their kids can dress like their favorite princess (or prince), but have plenty of costumes and accessories on hand for the children who show up without any fancy attire but still want to dress up. You can buy extras, but also consider borrowing as many boas, tiaras, and accessories as you can for the festivities.

For the cake, you can buy deluxe baking sets on Amazon, but if you get a cake from a bakery or a talented friend, you’ll have way less stress. 

May your party be the day of your little girl’s dreams!