4 Princess Games for Your Little Girl to Play the Day Away

When it comes to princess play and dress up, there is nothing like getting whisked away in an afternoon of make believe for the princess-loving little girl. Spruce up playtime with some of our favorite princess games and activities!

High Tea

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There is nothing more classic than hosting a royal tea party amongst friends and dolls. Have your little girl pull out her favorite princess dress, invite some friends over for the event, and throw together some fun treats for their little soiree. Some simple cucumber sandwiches and mini cupcakes are sure to help those in attendance feel extra fancy! Be sure to have some extra princess dresses for girls on hand so everyone can dress up.

Host a Royal Ball

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Put those twirly princess dress up clothes to use and help your little girl put on a royal ball! This can be a great way to help her and her friends get the wiggles out. Have them choose a dance partner from their dolls and stuffed animals, and turn on some of her favorite princess tunes. It’s sure to be a smash!

Build a Princess Castle

princess castle for dress up and playtime

Whether it’s a miniature castle consisting of Legos or wooden blocks, or a blanket fort made from comforters and pillows, having a royal fortress can provide hours of make-believe play for your little princess. If she’s making a blanket fort, be sure to keep it stocked with books to read and snacks to nibble on!

Princess - Themed Crafts

princess crafts for little girls and toddlers

Let her use her hands and her imagination by initiating some princess-themed crafts! Easily put together some princess tiaras using construction paper, pipe cleaners and stick-on jewels for her to wear during princess dress up. You could also help her make a fairy princess wand by cutting stars out of glittery paper and adding jewels and sequins, or even ribbons! Gather the craft supplies you have around the house and see what she’s able to come up with.

Give Her the Royal Treatment

Whether she’s dancing the day away in her favorite princess dress or throwing the most extravagant tea party of the century, you’re sure to knock it out of the park with one of these princess games. Help her feel like the royalty she is and play the day away with our go-to princess activities.