6 Must-Haves for a Baby This Summer

Who’s ready for some summer fun in the summer sun? We know we are! Whether it’s backyard playtime or beach days, here’s our list of six summer must-haves for a baby this summer.

1. Lightweight Baby Clothes

There are three things to remember when dressing your baby for the warm, sunny summer months: comfort, safety and convenience. 

First, consider fabrics. The best summer fabrics are cotton, linen and bamboo materials. These are great choices because they’re soft, comfortable and breathable fabrics. Short-sleeve baby rompers, sleeveless bodysuits, shorts, t-shirts, two-piece top and bloomer sets, and summer dresses made out of lightweight fabrics are comfortable and easy outfit options for babies. For pajamas, you can put your baby in summer shorts sets or one-piece rompers, especially if you put your baby in a lightweight sleep sack for naps and bedtime. If you keep the air conditioning on at night, you might consider putting your baby in long-sleeved, footless jumpsuit pajamas or knotted baby gowns

A good rule of thumb is to dress your baby how you are dressed for the day. The only time you may want to adjust that is if you plan on being outside in the sun for a prolonged period of time. Putting your baby in a lightweight long-sleeved shirt and pair of pants will keep them protected from the sun, but they will still stay cool.

2. Outdoor Toys

If you haven’t already, it’s time to stock up on some outdoor summer toys. From your backyard to the beach, here are some must-have summer toys for babies:

Each of these outdoor baby toys for summer will keep your little one happily entertained and hopefully wiped out and ready for naptime.

3. Pool Essentials

You’ve probably been bombarded with family, friends and social media influencers telling you all the baby essentials every mom needs. But have you learned what baby essentials you need for the pool? We’ve got you covered.

First on our list, for obvious reasons, is a long-sleeved swimsuit. Sleeves are better protection than sunscreen, and it’s so much easier putting on a swimsuit than trying to apply and reapply sunscreen to a squirmy baby. Next, swim diapers. Some parents like reusable swim diapers, while others prefer disposable ones. Choose whatever suits your lifestyle and budget. You’ll also want a wide-brimmed sun hat. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a sun hat with a 3-inch brim so it will cover a baby’s face, ears and back of their neck. Even with your baby mostly covered by their swimsuit and sun hat, you’ll still want to apply a baby-safe and effective sunscreen. The AAP suggests applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen to the face and small areas of the body for babies younger than 6-months-old and to all exposed areas of the body for babies older than 6 months.

Other baby pool items that aren’t necessary but are nice to have are water shoes, a canopy swimming pool float, a hooded towel and a waterproof wet bag.

4. Breathable Baby Carrier

Whether you’re still in the clingy newborn stage or a stroller isn’t feasible for your outdoor activity, a breathable baby carrier is a must-have with summer babies. There are numerous carriers to choose from, but Ergobaby’s Omni Breeze is a top choice for us. It’s Ergobaby’s most breathable carrier, keeping caregivers and babies comfortable, cool and dry from day to night use. This baby carrier is designed to be used from the newborn to toddler stage, offers four carry positions and has a padded waistband for caregivers. It also provides a privacy hood for sun protection as well as for easy and discreet on-the-go breastfeeding. And a bonus for caregivers, it even has side pockets for storage!

If you’re thinking, should I use a baby carrier in the summer? Yes, as long as you practice safe summer babywearing, which along with using a breathable baby carrier includes:

  • Wearing comfortable and cool clothing (you and your baby)
  • Wearing sun protection
  • Allowing your baby to get plenty of fresh air
  • Using it outside during the cooler parts of the day and staying in shaded areas as much as possible.

5. Portable Baby Gear

From summer neighborhood BBQs to family road trips, summer is when most families travel and spend a lot of time outside. Your home is probably full of the best baby products for indoors, but do you have the best baby travel products yet? 

One portable baby gear item worth getting is a baby beach tent or sun-shade canopy. If you plan on going to the beach, park or an older sibling’s sporting event, this is a lifesaver. A large waterproof outdoor mat is a more convenient option for on-the-go outdoor family adventures. For stroller walks and car rides, keep your baby cool with a stroller fan. If you’re a camping or picnic family, a portable pop ‘n sit booster chair is a must. The latter works indoors as well, making it the perfect travel chair for restaurants, grandparents’ houses and even activity time at home.

6. Travel Cooler Bag and Bottle Warmer 

Few things ruin a nice summer day out faster than a hangry baby. If you plan on bottle-feeding your baby, get yourself a breast milk cooler bag and portable bottle warmer. Many cooler bags are insulated to keep breast milk and formula cold or warm for several hours, and you can find ones that will hold multiple bottles.

A travel bottle warmer is just what the name implies. It quickly warms up a bottle of milk or formula—and some even do baby food—so you can easily feed your baby, anytime and anywhere.