5 Ways to Style a Baby When They Have No Hair

Is your baby bald as a cue ball? Or did your baby come out with beautiful locks, but now you’ve noticed that they’ve started losing their hair? We don’t want to spoil this unwelcome little surprise, but you and your baby might be in the same boat soon if you haven’t already experienced postpartum hair loss.

But don’t call your pediatrician or hairdresser just yet! Hair loss after having a baby, infants losing their hair and bald babies—all of these situations are actually quite common and normal. No hair means you won’t be testing your child hairstyling skills anytime soon, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still style your baby. Here are five adorable ways to style a baby when they have no hair.

1. Knit Headband + Knotted Baby Gown

We love knit headbands because they’re as soft and stretchy as they are cute. Plus, they can cover your baby’s ears and part of her precious little bald head to help keep her stylishly warm. 

Pair your knit-bow headband with a knotted baby gown. It’s the coziest, cutest day-to-night outfit—if your baby makes it that long! And if they don’t, no worries. Knotted baby gowns are practical perfection. The knotted bottom makes daytime outfit changes and 3 a.m. diaper changes a breeze. At home or on the go, this style is a match made in baby heaven.

2. Beanie + Two-Piece Set

Matching sets are totally in right now. They’re fashionable and easy to style. No thinking is required, and as a sleep-deprived mom, the less thinking we have to do the better, right? 

Top off a loveable two-piece set with a beanie, a fall and winter must-have. Good things come in pairs, so get a top and bottom set for your baby and one for yourself for Instagram-worthy mommy and me matching outfits.

3. Baby Baseball Hat + Matching Sports Jersey

Calling all sports fanatics, this baby outfit is for you. Get your little man or little lady game-day ready with a baby baseball hat. Then, don’t forget to get your baby your favorite player’s jersey because your child is never too young to learn about team spirit. Now, your baby may not be ready to help you cheer on your team just yet, but they will be the cutest baby fan in town.

4. Turban + Baby Romper

Bald babies are sweet perfection, and so are babies in baby turbans. Made out of soft and stretchy fabric, turbans are a triple threat: they keep your baby’s head warm, hide their hairless head, and are an adorable accessory for every occasion. 

A simple headpiece calls for a simple outfit. Enter baby rompers and double zip onesies. This super comfy one-piece summer outfit for babies is fashionably functional. It also transitions seamlessly into the fall and winter months. Simply throw on a sweater and a pair of pull-on pants over the romper or put on a pair of ribbed knit tights underneath when the weather calls for layers.

5. Matching Top Knot Hat + Swaddle 

We know a baby swaddle isn’t an outfit but hear us out. When you’ve got a newborn, there’s a good chance you’ll have them swaddled like a burrito for most of the day. Newborns can sleep anywhere from 11-19 hours per day, and most newborns feel the calmest and most comfortable when swaddled to sleep. So,keep your newborn snuggled up all cuddly and warm in a top knot hat and matching swaddle. You’ll for sure want this style for your baby during the chilly seasons, and it also makes for a picture-perfect hospital outfit.

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