10 Easy & Cute Outfits For Newborns

When you have a newborn baby, one of the most fun things to do is dress them up. Baby clothes are so tiny and adorable. Chances are that you got a lot of outfits at your baby shower too, since most people love giving and receiving baby clothes. 

When babies are tiny newborns,  they usually grow pretty quickly too. So, you want to make sure you get plenty of opportunities to wear those tiny outfits. If you’re looking for new pieces and ways to dress your new bundle of joy, here are some of the easiest and cutest outfits that you can put them in.

1. Pajamas

Who doesn’t like pajamas? Many adults would be green with envy because they would love to wear cozy pajamas all day. Little newborns are no different. Since they are pretty new to the world, they sleep a lot. So, it is important to keep them comfy and warm, even in the warmer months of the year. So, grab a cute pair of long-sleeved footie pajamas. If you want to dress it up a little, add a cute bow on a headband for a girl or a comfy beanie for a boy. They’ll stay warm and comfy while looking adorable.

2. Knotted Gowns

Newborn wearing a light pink knotted gown and headband

Knotted gowns are exactly what they sound like. They are a nightgown with a small knot at the bottom. They are comfy for new littles because they keep them warm, but they also do not restrict their legs. They come in many different colors and have cute detailing, like buttons! If you’d prefer, they also come in pretty prints like florals, animals, or shapes. Like the pajamas, you can also add accessories such as beanies or bows if you want to dress up your newborn’s knotted gown a bit.

3. Rompers

Newborn wearing a gray baby romper next to a stuffed animal

Baby rompers and double zip baby rompers are a great choice for new babies because they are an all-in-one option. Sometimes when you dress babies in two or three piece outfits, the clothing can be a bit ill fitting since newborns are so tiny. That is what makes rompers such a great choice. They’re also just a bit dressier than pajamas. They are versatile and come in many print and color combinations. Most rompers also have a zipper for easy wardrobe and diaper changes!

4. Dresses with Long Sleeves

If you have a little girl, a short sleeve dress can be a super cute option! Dresses are a better option for warmer months, or else you might need to opt for a pair of tights to keep their little legs warm. Pair the dress with a matching bow and some cute socks–if she’s not in tights. (This pair of socks that look like little shoes are adorable!) In her new dress, she will be the best dressed baby in your neighborhood!

5. Joggers and a Long Sleeve Shirt

Joggers or some people call them harem pants, are tight around the legs and roomier in the diaper area. So they will keep their little legs warm, but there is plenty of room for a bulky diaper. Joggers come in a variety of prints and colors. They also look adorable paired with a plain long sleeve shirt. To mix it up, you can have a custom vinyl shirt made to match if you want! This can make for a comfy but customizable outfit.

6. Onesies

Some parents just opt to put their littles in onesies. Onesies usually snap in the diaper area and have long or short sleeves. They can come in regular or kimono style. While a simple onesie is not the dressiest or warmest option, it can look super cute and mean a much easier diaper, blowout, and spit-up clean-up. Add a pair of cute socks for a more complete look.

7. Bummies and a Bodysuit

Bummies are shorts with more space for a diaper. They have a more bubble-like appearance and are soft and flexible. Many bummies are also made without elastic in the waistbands, which is easier on your baby's tummy! You can also throw them over a cute bodysuit or onesie to keep their legs a tad warmer than they would be in just a plain bodysuit! 

8. Sweater (Without a Hood) and Sweats

There are few things cuter than a newborn in a tiny sweatsuit! Sweatpants and sweaters are easy to find, and they keep your new babe warm and cozy. Alternatively, some people love putting hoodies on their babies, and babies look adorable in hoodies. However, a sweater with a crew neck and no hood is better (if your baby will be in a car seat.) That way, the hood won’t cover their face if they lean to one side or the other while on the go.

9. Swaddle Blanket and a Matching Hat

This isn’t exactly an outfit, but hear us out! You might have your baby in the cutest outfit ever, but especially when they are a newborn, they will usually be wrapped in a blanket. So, making sure they are wrapped in a cute one and a matching hat, is so fun! There are so many cute blankets to choose from, but muslin swaddle blankets are great because they come in cute patterns and double well as a nursing cover, burp rag, or a changing station, when in a pinch. Swaddle blankets are where function meets fashion. Pair one of these blankets with a cute headwrap or beanie in a solid color to complete the look.

10. Jumpsuits

Have you heard of baby jumpsuits? Don’t worry, no one is jumping out of a plane. Jumpsuits are geared more toward little girls, and they are a fun twist on a conventional romper. They are ruffle-y girly, and fun. They feature long sleeves and pants, and as mentioned, girly ruffles. They come in a bunch of cute colors. You will need a bow and socks to complete the look! Also, if you have another little girl, who is young enough, you can put her in a jumpsuit so your littles can match. This could be great for family or newborn pictures.

There are so many cute outfit combinations out there for little newborns. Just be sure to find something that fits well and is uncomplicated. Often, the more elaborate you get with outfits, the less they fit. Newborn babies have tiny bodies that are still growing and forming. So steer clear of strappy or overly decorated outfits since what matters at this stage is comfort and warmth. 

Also, consider checking out small shops for more customizable newborn and coming home outfits. They have so many cute and unique things to offer!