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Ready with some wise advice and superior training skills? Then these mouse ears might be the perfect choice for you.

If you’re someone who imagines yourself in a battle between good and evil out among the stars, then accessorize your star warrior self with these ears and maybe a lightsaber or two. 

Our movie-inspired mouse ears are soft and comfortable enough to wear all day, yet cost a fraction of the price of similar mouse ears. All are handmade with the finest quality of non-slip fabric we can find, and easily fit most children and adults.

Turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories with these mouse ears that are fun for the whole family. They make holidays more festive, park visits more special, and playdates more spectacular! 

More magical than a crown, pick up your favorites and let family time begin!

Presley Couture has no affiliation with the Disney Company, these ears are original ideas inspired by a Disney movie.

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