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Last Force Ears
Last Force Ears

Last Force Ears

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The perfect accessory for our Last Force dress. If she imagines herself as a heroine in a battle between good and evil out among the stars, then these mouse ears are the perfect choice for your little star warrior. With the dress, the ears and a couple of lightsabers for some epic battles over the fates of the planets, she’ll be set. 

Our movie-inspired mouse ears are soft and comfortable enough to wear all day, yet cost a fraction of the price of similar mouse ears. All are handmade with the finest quality of non-slip fabric we can find, and easily fit most children and adults.

Turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories with these fun-for-the whole family mouse ears. They make holidays more festive, park visits more special, and play dates more spectacular! 

Because you and your princess deserve something more magical than a crown, pick up your favorites and let family time begin!

Presley Couture has no affiliation with the Disney Company, these ears are original ideas inspired by a Disney movie.

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