Tips for Helping Your Kids Get Excited about Dressing Warm for Fall & Winter

Fall and winter can be special times of the year. It is the holiday season and there is plenty to do with family and friends. The change in seasons also brings a change in wardrobe, though. Sometimes this can be a hard transition, especially for younger kids. Making it fun and helping them find their own sense of style can really go a long way. Here are a few tips to help get your kids excited about dressing warmly for fall and winter. 

Let Them Pick Some of Their Clothes

It is no secret that most kids crave independence. They love making choices for themselves. So, use this to your advantage and let them help you pick items to wear. The best way to do this is to start with a list. Consider telling them exactly what they need. So, maybe one coat, one pair of boots, socks, four long-sleeve shirts, four pants, etc. If you would prefer to keep the situation more controlled or you have really young kids, you can always give them a few choices in each category that you have pre-picked. So, maybe you pick two coats and let them pick between the two.

Keep in mind that they might forget a few things. So, you might need to supplement if they forget anything important for staying warm. Letting them make some of their own choices will get them much more excited about wearing warmer clothes.

Teach Kids Layering

Another important thing to keep in mind is that sometimes the weather can be unpredictable in the fall and winter. So, don’t get rid of short sleeve shirts and light jackets just yet. Kids don’t love being too hot or too cold. So, teach them to layer. Have them try a short sleeve shirt with a cardigan or light jacket. This way, they can slightly change up their outfit as the weather fluctuates. They’ll be much more comfortable and feel somewhat in control of their clothes. They’ll love this!

Put Items in a Place They Can Reach

Another way to get kids excited about dressing warmly is to put the items in a spot that’s easy for them to access. Keeping items organized in a simple and accessible way is the key! You can use removable hooks on your walls or in a closet to hang items up. A bucket or bin can be used for items like shoes. Small plastic drawers in your coat closet can be used for things like hats, gloves and socks. Organize these things close to your door, and teach your children how to put items on as well as how to put them away properly. They will love being able to get ready without a parent’s help and without having to run around looking for all of the different items they’ll need to be warm.

You can also make the clothes in their rooms more accessible. Do not buy too many items, and keep drawers uncluttered. If you fold items neatly into categories (pants, shorts, etc.) it will be much easier for your children to grab clothes on their own. If you keep their clothes high on a rod in a closet, consider adding a step stool to their space so they can easily access their clothing. Just make sure it is not being used to reach things they should not be getting into!

Get Them Some Cozy Soft Items

When it’s cold outside, everyone loves soft fuzzy clothes!  Fuzzy socks, sweaters and hats can make for a lovely way to stay warm. These items can also be great for lounging around the house when the weather is cooler. Many fuzzy clothing items come in fun styles, patterns and colors, too. So, you can get them fuzzy socks in their favorite color or maybe a pair with their favorite animal on them. Your kids will be more inclined to wear clothing that is comfy as well as something they love!

Teach Your Kids to Check the Weather

As your kids get older, you can teach them how to check the weather. This can be done on the family computer, on a phone, on a tablet or even on a thermometer outside your door. You can even teach them to step out on the back porch to “feel the weather.” This can be so much fun for kids. It can also help them make some of their own informed choices about what they should wear that day. This can instill confidence in them and get them more excited about getting dressed each day.

Get Them Some New Shoes

Keeping your tootsies warm in the colder months is super important. If you have cold feet, the rest of your body will be uncomfortable. Yet many kids may have a hard time saying good-bye to their favorite sandals or sparkly dress-up shoes come fall and winter. So, let them know you understand, but that wearing appropriate footwear in the cold is very important. 

While girls can wear Mary Janes paired with long stockings for fancier occasions, boots are what most kids will wear in the colder months. Get your kiddos boots in colors that they’ll never want to take off. By the end of the winter, you’ll probably have a hard time getting them to stop wearing the boots!

Hopefully, these tips will help you feel less overwhelmed when it comes to helping your littles dress for the fall and winter. While baby winter clothes can be much easier than getting your older children to dress warmly, there are so many cute options for dressing up kiddos that you are sure to find something that they will love. If you’re looking for cute new options, check out the selection at Presley Couture. We’ve got everything from boys’ T-shirts to girls’ twirl dresses!