Stylish Outfits for Girls to Ring in the New Year

Knowing how to dress up your girls for New Year’s Eve can be challenging. Since younger kids probably won’t be staying up until midnight, it’s always a good idea to dress them in something that’s comfortable and cute. Here are a few comfy yet stylish ways to dress young girls of all ages for New Year’s Eve.

Baby Girls New Year’s Outfits

Every day you dress your baby for comfort. But New Year’s is a special occasion, and everyone – even those who sleep through it – deserves a new celebratory outfit to wear until bedtime. 

1. Lace Dress and a Headband

A baby girl in a lace dress with a matching headband is too cute for words. Whether you’re headed out for an early dinner or getting takeout for a fancy night in, a lace dress is a perfect choice to celebrate your baby girl’s first New Year’s Eve.

2. Dolled-up Footie Pajamas and a Bow

You probably have a drawer full of footie pajamas. But do you have pink tulle-footed pajamas? If you don’t, get your baby girl this precious outfit that can be worn morning, noon and night. It’s a baby New Year’s outfit that will keep her as cozy and happy as she is pretty in pink.

3. Long-sleeve Festive Dress

Not too many baby girl New Year’s outfits scream festive as a red long-sleeve baby girl’s dress. It’s the most cheerful color to wear during the holiday season, and hopefully, the merry red will put your baby in a merry mood throughout the night.

Toddler Girls’ New Year’s Eve Outfits

Toddlers are fiercely independent. If your toddler girl insists on dressing herself, good for her. We think it’s a safe assumption that if you give her any of these options, she’ll choose one, and look and feel good about herself all day long.

1. Twirl Dress

A twirl dress isn’t just a cute toddler New Year’s outfit. It’s a fun fashion find that works year-round for any occasion. Super soft and completely comfortable, a twirl dress can be dressed up or down for church, school, playdates or everyday wear. Whether you choose a lively print or a simple solid color, a twirl dress is perfect to have your princess twirling into the next year.

2. Gingham Dress

Is your little girl sweet and smart? Then, match her delightful personality with a girl’s gingham dress. A cute and current trend, opt for a green and white or a red and black checkered dress for a fashionably festive night to end the fun holiday season.

3. Jeans and a Nice Shirt

For toddlers that aren’t fans of dresses, dress them in a stylish toddler New Year’s shirt and nice pair of jeans. We really like this red ribbed puff sleeve top. It’s a simple yet statement-making piece that works for a night in or out. It can be worn the rest of winter with pants or skirts.

Girls’ New Year’s Outfits

Whether she’s headed to a friend’s New Year’s Eve party or staying in for movies and treats with mom and dad, your daughter can get spruced up in a dress or don a more casual outfit to ring in the new year.

1. Tiered Layer Dress

What has a stretchy fit, layered hem and pockets? A girl’s tiered layer dress, of course! It’s feminine, fun and as comfortable as it is cute. It may not be Christmas anymore, but keep the gift-giving going by giving your daughter the gift of confidence and comfort with the perfect girl’s New Year’s dress to start off the new year right.

2. Joggers and a Tee

Joggers are the best pants – and for good reason. First, they look great on everyone. You can also find them in just about any color, and your daughter can accessorize them any way she wants. If she wants to be cute and comfortable on NYE, she can pair her joggers with a cute tee and matching sneakers. She’ll be ready to dance, play games or chill on the couch with friends.

3. Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit never goes out of style. So if your daughter is looking to dress to impress her crush at this year’s New Year’s party, while not looking like she’s trying to, then get her a stylish girl’s jumpsuit. Short-sleeve, long-sleeve or sleeveless with a shirt underneath, jumpsuits are an effortless and chic, all-in-one outfit that won’t have you or your daughter stressing over what to wear this fun holiday night.

Bonus: Mom’s New Year’s Eve Outfits

Your head-turning holiday looks may be on pause while you celebrate at home with young kids, and that’s perfectly fine, mama. Nights out are fun, but so is staying in. So if you’re staying in, wear a comfortable set that still looks put-together. But if you’re going out, get dolled up in a new dress.

1. Loungewear Set

Ever since the virus-that-won’t-be-named hit in 2020, women’s lounge sets have been what we moms live in. Why did it take us so long to realize how amazing these are? We don’t have the answer to that. But, we do know we can’t stop buying comfortable and stylish lounge sets to wear all day every day. If Santa didn’t bring you a new loungewear set for Christmas, then you have our permission to buy yourself one to wear while you watch the ball drop.

2. Maxi Dress

You got invited to an adult New Year’s Eve party. You found a babysitter, now it’s time to get yourself a new outfit for your well-deserved, kid-free night out. A long-sleeve maxi dress is the perfect winter choice. It’s warm, flattering and beautiful. Slip into a new dress and some cute matching heels, and reconnect with your fun, carefree self as you eat, drink and enjoy the night away.

Whatever holiday look you and your daughter choose to wear this New Year’s Eve, just remember to feel as good as you look, and have fun doing it!