Spending Quality Time with Your Kids: Dress Up Games for Girls Part II

In Part 1 of our dress-up games for girls, we talked about having treasure hunts and learning about lady pirates Ann Bonny and Mary Read, throwing fabulous balls and learning about famous women in history.

We also mentioned the importance of creative play for children, and how playing dress-up is the perfect way to access their imaginations. It makes them healthier adults and better at problem-solving. It also makes them happier than playing purely online dress-up activities. It’s better to be in the parade than just an observer watching it go by!

Here are a few more games to play with your children when you’re looking to make the most of your quality time together. 

Now go and make some memories!


Hopefully, you have a dress-up trunk or box. If you don’t, now might be the time to get one started. We have reasonable princess dresses for toddlers and girls, and you can add interesting clothes from thrift shops and old Halloween costumes.

As the top designers at Your House À La Mode, you and your protegé have to throw together the hottest styles for Fashion Week. Maybe the clothes you’ve been working on all year didn’t arrive and you have to improvise. Or maybe you’re international spies and have to fool your bosses into thinking you’re trained designers.

Let your little one take the lead, but don’t be afraid to jump in when you’re needed to keep the story going.

Time limits always make the game exciting. Set a timer and take turns dressing each other up and modeling your creations. Walk down your imaginary runway and take lots of pictures.

Musical Chairs—But with Clothes

 If your girl has some friends over, a fun game can be a variation of musical chairs. Fill a bag full of favorite dress up items. Throw in sunglasses and anything silly you have. Wigs are great for this game.

Start the music and pass the bag. Whenever the music stops, whoever has the bag has to pull out an item of clothing and put it on over their clothes. Start the music again and keep passing the bag until it’s empty. Whoever is wearing the most clothes wins.

 If the kids are lingering over the passing of the bag in hopes of winning, change the rules for the next round of the game. Make the bag like a game of hot potato and whoever is wearing the least amount of dress-up clothes wins.

Once again, take lots of silly pictures and text them to the other parents.

Play “And Then”

The old game where you’re making up an absurd tale and each person adds to the story … how much more fun would it be if you act out your story when you’re done? The answer is a lot. A lot more fun.

Start out with a princess wandering a dark and lonely wood or stumbling into a dragon sleeping in its lair.

Help out by adding in loads of heroics when it’s your turn. 

Your girl can throw on a princess dress and play her part and you can play the other characters. How is your dragon voice these days? 

The charm of this game is watching what she does to the stories when she realizes she’s going to act them out.

Have fun!