Must-Have Items for Your Little Girl's Back to School Wardrobe

It’s time to shop for back-to-school. Yes, already! Can you believe it? The summers seem to be flying by extra quickly these days, but nothing takes the sting out of going back to school more than getting to pick out some pretty, new clothes.

There is nothing quite like wearing an outfit made with buttery soft fabric in rich colors and made with pockets to hold your treasures. Of course, we’re talking about…

Twirl Dresses

Twirl dresses are made for kids who want to run around, play with their friends, and stuff their pockets with seashells. These dresses are great for everyday wear at home and at school, but they also dress up for special occasions. We chose the richest colors like mauve, deep plum, maroon, forest green and dark raspberry, but also bright and fun pastels and patterns. There is something here for every girl’s personality.

But if your special girl would like to have something that’s even more versatile, then you should also take a look at… 

Pinafore Dresses

What makes these beauties so versatile is how you layer them. You can add a short-sleeved ruffle shirt or pick out a long-sleeved top for cooler days. Girls’ pinafores also dress up or down, and the ruffled straps help you achieve a perfect fit.

Girls can also express their personalities by choosing a favorite pin for one of the straps. And. of course, a straw hat with a pinafore is perfect for bright hot days. 

For the pinafores, check out our ruffle sleeve collection.

Good luck with your shopping adventures!