Make a DIY Lightsaber for Kids’ Dress-Up Fun: Accessories for Our Rey Costume

Creating props is half the fun when playing dress-up. Star War fans love being able to create their own looks, such as Princess Leah’s side buns, Darth Vader’s mask, and of course the cool looking lightsabers. There’s no sense in trying to find a fancy one when you can create your own while spending time with your little one making it exactly how you both envision it to be. Here are a few family-friendly and quick ways to make a lightsaber so you can get back to what’s most important — playtime.

Use pool noodles

Got an old pool noodle lying around? This is a great way to repurpose that old pool noodle you were planning on replacing. To make it fitting for playtime, cut it down to the size you want it to be. Next, create the handle by wrapping some duct tape around the bottom part. Make it wrap wide enough so that you can place the buttons and details on the handle. Once you’ve cut the duct tape, use a black sharpie to create details on the handle, such as buttons and any other cool details you’d like to add to it.

Use construction paper

If you have a paper towel cardboard roll, you can also use that to make a smaller version. What you’ll need besides the roll is construction paper in the color that your little one wants her lightsaber to be for the “glow” part, construction paper in a different color such as black or grey to make the handle, some clear tape or glue, and a black marker. Cover the cardboard roll in the colored construction paper by either glueing it or taping it down all around so that you can no longer see the cardboard. Next, take the grey construction paper and wrap it toward the bottom half for the handle. Once that’s taped on, take your black marker and place small details wherever you see fit.

Use a flashlight

Most household items include a flashlight or two. If you have one that’s light enough to use for play, such as a plastic one, then this method will be super easy. Similar to the construction paper method, you can wrap some lightweight neon colored paper around the top of the flashlight where the head is located so that the handle is showing. Secure the paper in a cylinder shape with tape, and then tape it to the head of the flashlight. Because it’s an actual flashlight it will actually light up which may get your little one a little more excited than the previous two methods. You won’t have to worry about a handle on this one since the flashlight’s handle has the on and off button. Again, be sure to use a lightweight flashlight to avoid injuries.

Now that you’ve got your lightsabers ready it’s time to start dueling. May the force be with you - and don't forget to check out our Last Force Princess Dress.