How To Throw A Princess Themed Birthday Party

So your child loves princesses and wants a princess-themed birthday party? You’ve come to the right place! There are so many fun ways to make princess memories that will last for a lifetime. Everything from dressing up to the kind of venue to pick to fun activities. There are so many great things you can do to celebrate your birthday princess in style. Here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing!

Decide What Princess to Focus On

Does your daughter have a favorite princess? If so, you can base the whole theme of the party around that princess. If she likes Rapunzel, for example, you could decorate with floating lanterns and suns. If she likes Elsa, you could do a party that’s ice-themed. If she just generally likes princesses, don’t worry! Just do a general princess theme for the party. While it can be fun to zero in on one princess and create a theme based just around her, doing a general royal get-together can be just as magical and fun. So, roll out the red carpet, and get your crowns ready.

Choose a Venue

Sometimes renting a venue can be the best way to go, when it comes to hosting a party. If you’re not hosting the party in your home, there’s often less clean-up. Also, depending on the venue, you might not have to entertain your guests. Many venues come with packages that include most of the setup, food, entertainment, and clean-up. So, that can be helpful if you don’t want to do those things. However, you might be restricted on what you can and can’t do at the party.

If you don’t want to pay for a venue, consider doing the party in your own home or yard. There are some super fun ways you can decorate in your own space that you can’t do in a rented space. You’ll also have as much time as you’d like to set up, can entertain how you like, and you don’t have a cap on the number of people you can invite.

Whether you decide to rent a venue or host the party in your own home, there are many pros and cons either way. Just make sure you’re ready to pay fees if you want to rent or be prepared for a lot of cleaning if you do the party in your home.

Send out Some Cute Invitations

The next thing you need to do is send invitations to your royal guests. It used to be that everyone sent paper invitations in the mail or passed out the invitations by hand. However, now you have more options! You can send virtual or paper invitations. They’re both really cute ways to announce your celebration. If you’re good at design, you can always design your own invites. However, if design isn’t your thing, Etsy has some adorable princess invitation options that’ll take the cake. You can print these out and mail them or have your child pass them out to their friends.

If you like the virtual invitation better, there are many different apps and websites, like evite and punchbowl that allow you to send virtual invitations. Virtual invitations allow people to ask questions and RSVP directly from their phone or computer. So, you might be more likely to get RSVPs if you do it this way. You will need to have phone numbers or email addresses for all of the parents you’re sending invitations to, but usually, these aren’t hard to get if you
don’t already have their contact information. Some evites are free and others aren’t. So, keep this in mind as you’re sending out invitations.


Speaking of decorations, the right decorations can make the party even more magical! It’s a cute way to help people really feel immersed in the theme. There are some really cute princess photo backdrops you can get for pictures and for decor. As mentioned above, if you’re focusing on a specific princess, take elements from her movie or book and use those ideas to decorate. For example, if you wanted to celebrate a certain mermaid princess, you could decorate with hanging jellyfish lanterns, shells, nets, and fish cutouts.

If you’re doing a general princess party that isn’t focused on just one princess, you have even more options. Roll out a red carpet and set up a birthday throne (a specially decorated chair.) You could do a table at the entrance to the party with pretend jewelry, crowns, and capes so princesses can dress themselves up a bit more. Serve food on faux silver platters and play princess music. There are so many fun ways to decorate, we could go on and on for hours!

Ask the Guest to Dress up

Little girl in arabian nights dress

A princess party requires the perfect attire. So, ask your guests to dress as their favorite princesses. So, if they’re a big fan of a certain Arabian princess, a certain ice queen, or even a certain Scottish princess they can dress to impress! It’s a great way to celebrate, and what girl (young or old) doesn’t like to dress up? 

Make sure to note on your invitation that you’d like guests to dress up. It’s also always a good idea to keep a few extra princess dresses on hand, in case someone doesn’t have one or forgets to dress up. It’s no fun to be the only princess who’s not dressed up for the party!

Decorate Your Own Crowns

A great activity for a princess party is decorating your own crowns. There are really cute foam crowns you can buy and use sticker gems for younger kids. You can also get some cute princess sticker dolls to give the girls to decorate. If you want to take it a step further, have them decorate their own princess wands! Here are a few cute princess DIY crafts, including crowns, wands, and more, from What’s Up Moms that your little princess and her friends are sure to love!

Invite a Princess to Join

If you want to take your princess party to the next level, consider inviting a princess to join you! There are many companies that can have a princess of your choice attend your party for a fee. Many of these princesses sing songs, play games, and might even do a coronation for your birthday princess. Having a special guest is tons of fun. Don’t forget to give them a good tip!

Party Favors

You can find some really cute party favor containers online, to keep party favors together. When it comes to favors, here are a few fun ideas: 

If you don’t want party favors getting mixed up or lost, either label them with your guests' names or pass them out as they make their final exit from the party.

No matter what you decide to do for your princess party, it’s sure to be a magical time that your child will remember for years to come!