How to: Style Your Princess Dress

You’ve found the best dress-up gear around and your girl is now a radiant,

twirling princess who couldn’t be happier. 

Or could she?  Why, yes, she could. You can complete her look with a touch or two and make playtime a whole lot more fabulous. It’s time to accessorize with ease and spoil her a little--without breaking the bank, of course.


When it comes to shoes, avoid the temptation of plastic. In real life, glass slippers and those nefarious clear plastic knock-offs will leave your favorite princess crying over her blistered and painful feet.

Instead, try these inexpensive shimmery ballet slippers. A good pair of ballet flats are perfect for dress-up and are versatile enough to go with all the princess styles, Disney or otherwise. They’re also a closet basic for normal wear, too. 

And keep in mind, the perfect pair of slippers will keep her from spraining her ankle when trying out Mom’s high heels. 

Mouse Ears

We could go on and on about hairstyles and headbands, rhinestone blips, and floral headbands--but when it comes down to it, nothing is better than a pair of matching mouse ears à la Disney.

We’ve got matching mouse ears for every Disney princess, completing your child’s look with the perfect accessory at a fraction of the cost of park prices. 

Or, you could pick a pair that’s made for glamor but doesn’t style with any specific princess, if you want something that can be used with lots of princess dresses. Something like these pink sequin ears or these sparkling ones in rose gold would make any little girl happy.

Doll Friends

Is there anything better than dressing up with a friend? If your little princess has a favorite doll, buy a matching doll dress so they can engage in playtime together. Or pick a complementary outfit. For instance, her little friend can be the Elsa to her Anna. 

Our princess doll clothes are made from soft and stretchy high-quality fabric, so your little princess can easily dress her doll by herself. Like all our clothing, these dresses are handmade with exceptional care, attention to detail, and made to last.


A pair of white gloves to wear to the ball, a sparkling necklace, some adorable clip-on earrings--there’s no limit to the fabulous details you can add to the dress-up box. Get your ideas from the movies themselves or from what your daughter thinks every princess should have. 

Personally, I think every princess should have a sword for her adventures. A nice, safe-tipped one of course. (But still.)


Thank you for choosing to participate and encourage your daughter’s creativity. Our girls’ dress-up clothes are comfortable enough for everyday wear, while still durable enough for a full, busy day of dress-up, playtime, and make-believe. Made of buttery-soft cotton material, these cute clothes for girls will quickly become a go-to favorite in her closet, and are sure to make your little princess’s dreams come true.

When it comes to girls’ boutique clothing, you want to make sure you’re getting something that is high quality and for a good price. Your little princess will be covered from the moment she wakes up until the moment she meets her Prince Charming - if that’s how her make-believe fairytale ends! Our princess dresses are sure to help bring those fairytales to life.