Family Photos: Wardrobe 101

You can’t take too many family photos. As the years go by, seemingly faster and faster, you’ll be glad you captured these memories before they were gone. It’s especially fun to see your children’s transformation from your little ones to your new favorite grown-ups.  

However, don’t date the photo by going all matchy-matchy. That’s a fad that’s faded, and you should probably just avoid it. Do choose colors that don’t clash with each other. 

It’s okay to show off your personality, but don’t wear anything with a logo or slogan. Pictures on tee-shirts tend to distract rather than add anything. However, there’s nothing wrong with some adorable Minnie Mouse ears

Go for Personality

For your sweet little girl, you can even get away with a princess dress for toddlers. It’s fun to invest in an array of family photo styles, formal and casual, but capture the current moment by letting her deck herself out as her favorite fairytale princess or superhero. 

Family in field with dog

Candid photos of your family playing together can show off your personalities and become a family favorite for years to come. Do take some action shots even in your more formal clothes; you’ll find smiles aren’t forced and phony looking. They don’t have to be of the running and jumping variety, either. They can be sweeping up the children in a family hug or similar shots.

Besides the princess dresses for toddlers, you’ll find our princess twirl dresses photograph beautifully and can be dressed up or down depending on the look you’re going for. There are so many colors to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect pretty dress that complements the rest of the family’s outfits. Go from fun to formal to casual—the twirl dresses are ultra-comfortable and versatile. 

Location, Location, Location

Make sure to use your location to the most advantage. Stone stairs, lush greenery, or a photoshoot by the sea: don’t let it go to waste. 

Get some close-ups, too. Be creative. Have some fun. I know, we see those family photos on the internet with What Were They Thinking! titles, and we don’t want to be any part of that. But stay away from firearms and spandex unitards for the whole family, and you’ll probably be fine. Besides, you can always delete what doesn’t work! 


You can also gear your wardrobe towards the season. If it’s fall, let the leaves be your frame. A couple of autumn-looking scarves or gloves can really tie in your theme. Your family picking out a pumpkin together is a perfect action shot. 

Fairy lights and pine trees in December can lead to some magical pictures. Bundle up in warmer clothes and if it snows, all the better. Scout out locations for a truly stellar backdrop. The great thing about December is the festive feeling you get from the decorations that are everywhere. 

Spring is perfect with pastels, and summer has a great family fun vibe. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to look fabulous together.

Planned Shots

You can also create some photoshoots showing off your family’s favorite activities. If you all like to pile on Mom and Dad’s bed and read a book together, that’s a beautiful photo waiting to happen. Cute pajamas are a perfect wardrobe choice. 

What are your family’s favorites? What outfits fit that activity?

Good luck and have fun! You’ll all look great.