Dress-Up Games for Girls: Real Life Creative Play Part III

Part three of our “Dress-Up Games” series has a few more ideas to get more of the family involved. From dad and brother to little sister, everyone can take part in these dress-up games that are sure to bring fun and laughter as you watch everyone get into their role. With more of the family involved, it will help your little one with her social skills and help her in developing her emotional skills by being more empathetic to each family member involved.

Guess the person

This game is a bit like Pictionary but instead of drawing, you will put on pieces from your dress-up trunk and see if your little ones can guess the character or person. To make the game interesting, make sure to set a timer for each person’s turn. Also to avoid any confusion, make sure you get into teams so that an older person can write down the answer before dressing up. That way there’s no way of changing the answer because we all know little kids are known to change their minds at the blink of an eye.

Play out a place of business

Does your little one dream of being a librarian, a doctor or a chef? This is the perfect time to set the scene with props as she dresses up. By setting books around the room, you can turn it into her favorite library and she can help you check out a couple of books you can read together. If she’s feeling like a chef, you can either purchase some play food items or bring some cardboard boxes down from your pantry that are safe for her to pretend with. Set up a little table and create menus together so you and the rest of the family can order what she’s cooking up. These boxes can also be used to play out a grocery store scene. So next time you’re about to toss that empty carton, make sure to save it so that she can create the grocery store of her imagination.

Put on a play

Putting on a play allows her to be front and center in the character that she dreams of becoming while showing off to an audience. A play doesn’t have to be long, it can be something around 20 minutes. The best thing about this type of play is that you don’t have to do much. Besides getting in character, your little one will give you direction on the setting. From there, it’s just taking cues from her. You can even set up a little stage and have a couple family members be the audience.

The reason kids love playing dress-up is because there’s no rules or limit to what they can imagine and be. Let them be the boss anytime you’re ready to play, and watch how independent and how much their vocabulary has developed. You’ll have fun seeing how much they have learned on their own and from imitating what’s around them.