DIY Disney Inspired Accessory Costumes for Your Little Elsa, Anna or Olaf

Whether it’s getting a head start for next year’s Halloween festivities or your little one’s favorite dress-up characters, who doesn’t love a good budget-friendly DIY costume? Especially when your little one seems to have a new favorite character they want to dress up as every other week. Buying a new costume with every change of heart can get a little expensive. Here are a few DIY ideas to help you save money while helping your little one’s Frozen dreams come true.


What princess dress is complete without tulle? By putting together a plain turquoise top and matching tulle skirt, your little princess will feel like a dream, especially with that extra “umph” a tulle feel gives. Let’s not forget the cape. You can easily purchase a few yards of white mesh or tulle fabric at your local craft store, some rhinestones, and a glue gun if you don’t have one. You can glue the rhinestones onto the cape in snowflake patterns all over and voila! She’ll have the full ensemble. You can attach the cape by either adding a velcro fastener to the top and cape.

If you have watched Frozen 2 then you would have noticed Elsa’s white dress. If turquoise is too hard to find, more than likely you’ll find a white dress in your little one’s wardrobe. If you’re ready to transition that dress to a playtime dress, then all you will need to add is the cape. But if you’re not quite ready to “Let it go” as Elsa would say, then a plain white dress isn’t only common, but you can find them in different price ranges to match your budget.


For the Anna obsessed, all you will need is four articles of clothing; a blue skirt, a black top tank top, a long sleeve undershirt in white or turquoise and a burgundy-colored cape. The first three items your little one most likely already has in her closet. To make the cape, decide on the material. This one can be made from velvet, jersey or cotton. Once you have the material, you’ll need some black lace that you can use to either sew around the cape as a border or if your sewing skills aren’t up to par, use a glue gun to replicate the one in the movie.

Since Anna has floral patterns on her corset and skirt, you can easily buy stencils to cut out the pattern from felt, or there are also premade floral patterns. Again, using your glue gun, try to replicate the placement on the skirt and top. Your little one will be obsessed with her homemade costume in the same way she is obsessed with the movie.


The easiest costume of all has got to be Olaf. If Olaf is on the list of costumes to get, look no further than your closet. A white top and pants is all you need. From there, it’s a matter of getting to work with your glue gun to add some Olaf details. Add black buttons to the shirt, and then purchase a plain white hat and use cutouts from any material to add a carrot nose and more buttons for the eyes.

Not only are these ideas budget friendly, they are also great for last minute ideas come October 31. When in doubt, get crafty!