A Princess Tea Party: Come as Your Favorite Disney Friend

Sometimes your little royal needs to be reminded that she is a princess in all the best ways. After a disappointing day at school or some dreariness between friends, you might need to celebrate all her fabulousness.

If you were at Disneyworld, and the event wasn’t temporarily suspended, you might be able to squeeze into the Perfectly Princess Tea Party where Rose Petal, "a magical rose from Aurora's garden, has come alive to host the party, leading a special princess parade, storytelling and sing-alongs. At this stately celebration, Princess Aurora herself may also make an appearance, so be sure to bring your cameras and autograph books!” (Spoiler alert: after curtsey practicing and singing, ”Hail to the Princess Aurora,” she does make an appearance.)

But you can make your own tea party at home and cater it to the preferences of your own little princess. Maybe she’s more a “Frozen” or “Tangled” fan, for instance. You can adjust the event to the age of your little beauties, whether they’d rather be coloring or participating in royal karaoke favorites. You can also comfort yourself by knowing that even though you’re not at the Magic Kingdom, at least your party won’t run more than three hundred dollars per princess.

Since you’re in charge of the show, throw in swordplay practice with kid-safe foam swords besides just curtseying. What princess doesn’t need to know self-defense moves? Besides, sometimes princes need saving, too. And curtseying can get boring after a while.

Princess Karaoke

Here’s a playlist to back you up whether you’re singing to your tiny princess-in-training or your more grown-up gals are ready to grab the microphone and take over.

Speaking of microphones, if your child enjoys performing, you might want to invest in a few. Often, even the shyest girl likes belting into a microphone if she’s singing with her friends and not alone.

Ball Gowns

No dress-up tea party is complete without the actual gowns. Pick up her favorite princess dress at such a reasonable price, you can get her second favorite one, too.

Top it all off with adorable mouse ears.


During the Disney tea party, each guest is presented with a Princess Aurora doll. You can either go with this and give your girl a Sleeping Beauty doll or find another favorite like this Belle. Even better, if she already has a best friend doll that she carries with her everywhere---buy a matching princess dress for her bestie. Dress up is more fun with your best friend.


Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cucumber with dill, and egg or chicken salad. Use a cookie cutter to stamp out the sandwiches into heart and star shapes. Of course, only make sandwiches you know your daughter will actually eat. 

You can also use crown shape cutters like this one here

If making iced cookies, keep one shape such as the heart shape or crown for cookies. It’s not as much fun if they’re the same shape as the sandwiches. You can also choose fruit tartlets or cake.

Disney uses apple juice in the teapots, but you can choose your child’s favorite.  

Balls of melon and berries with a bit of cream are also lovely. Spear grapes and other fruit on large toothpicks to make them more appealing and fancy.

Have a lovely party!