7 Cute Outfits for Your Daughter To Wear to Girls’ Night Out With Mom

Girls’ night out can be something you look forward to for months. It can be especially amazing when you get to bring your young daughter along! One way to make her feel super special and included is to buy her a new outfit. Here are several cute outfits that your daughter could wear to your next girls’ night out together.

1. Jumpsuit and ruffle sleeve shirt

Girl wearing rust orange pocket jumpsuit

A super cute girls’ night-out outfit is a jumpsuit! Jumpsuits come in so many colors. Some of them are pocket jumpsuits with varying sleeve lengths. If your daughter picks a jumpsuit that is sleeveless, you can add a shirt underneath for more coverage. A really cute way to add some more detailing is to have her wear a ruffle-sleeve shirt underneath. 

The jumpsuits can be worn with every kind of shoe from sandals to sneakers to a fancy pair of flats. If you want to make your daughter feel extra special, let her borrow one of your necklaces or bracelets to wear with her outfit.

2. Gingham dress

Girl wearing green gingham dress

If you and your daughter are attending a fancier night out that’s still meant to be casual, a girls' gingham dress is an adorable outfit option. While gingham typically looks the same across most dresses, there are so many colors to choose from. 

Have her wear her gingham dress with a cute pair of sandals, like these Saltwaters or strappy Mary Janes. Add a big bow and use a hair waver to make her hair look extra special!

3. Tulle dress and cute shoes

Girl wearing kitty tulle dress

If you are headed out somewhere especially fancy like a nice restaurant or a play, have her wear a couture tulle gown. These gowns come in many different styles. Several of them might even remind your daughter of her favorite princesses. If she's not into princesses, or you would prefer she wears something different, there are tulle dresses with more classic designs as well.

Pair her tulle gown with a special pair of fancier shoes. Try curling or waving her hair, and add a headband or a sparkly hair clip to finish the look.

4. Overalls

Girl wearing a blue ruffle tee and black overalls

Another cute though least thought about ensemble is the humble overalls. Overalls come in many different colors and even patterns. Like the jumpsuits, you usually layer a tee underneath, and the ruffle sleeve top would be perfect! Pair with a cute pair of sandals or her favorite pair of Converse for a casual look that will showcase her style.

5. Twirl dress

Girl wearing floral twirl dress

A great way for her to be comfy and look amazing is by wearing a twirl dress. The great thing about twirl dresses is that they can be dressed up or down and they come in so many colors and patterns. If she wants to be dressier, have her wear a cute pair of Mary Janes or strappy sandals. Add a hair bow or a pearly headband to finish the look. 

If she would rather go a little more casual, have her put her hair in braids, a ponytail or just wear it down. Then have her wear her favorite summer sandals and maybe a few cute accent bracelets.

6. Joggers

If you’re doing something more casual with your daughter for girls’ night, why not joggers? Joggers are comfy, look amazing and come in so many colors that she is sure to find a pair she loves! 

Black joggers can be dressed up if she wants to be comfy but still look a little more formal. This can be done with fancier shoes and wearing a nicer top over her joggers. You can even add jewelry and accessories to dress it up more if needed.  If she does not mind a more casual look, a plain tee, sweatshirt or hoodie with flip flops or athletic shoes would look great as well.

7. Jeans and a classic tee

Girl wearing camo ruffle tee and jeans

A favorite go-to for almost everyone is the classic jeans and a tee. This is for more casual girls’ night out festivities. She will look adorable in her comfy jeans and a classic tee in her favorite color. Almost any shoes go with jeans, but casual ones usually look best. She can also rock a few of her favorite scrunchies as accessories. If she wants a dressier look, consider jeans with a ruffle sleeve top.

Other things to consider

While we’ve talked about outfit options, there are a few other things to consider when helping your daughter get ready for girls’ night out.

Think about where you are going

One of the most important things to consider when helping your daughter get ready for girls’ night is what activities you will be doing. While she might have made her mind up about a certain outfit, it might be good to make suggestions based on whether the activity is casual or formal. She will probably feel really out of place and uncomfortable if she is not dressed appropriately for the evening’s activities. Sometimes kids need to be reminded, so it might be good to give her a gentle reminder.

Matching can be fun sometimes

Matching outfits at girls’ night can be fun—especially if you’re with close friends and family. Things like matching mommy and me joggers can be a hit! However, if your daughter doesn’t want to match, don’t force her.

Make sure she is comfortable with her outfit

While it can be fun to dress up your daughter however you want, if she is getting older, she might have more opinions about her clothes. It can be easy to want to dress her up for girls’ night just like you, but she may not want that. Give her the option to choose between different outfits and shoes. The most important thing is that she feels beautiful and comfortable. If you let her do this, she will have fond memories of your girls’ nights out for years to come.