6 Ways to Dress Like a Princess

Does your little girl dream of living a life of royalty? It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to help her feel like her favorite princess! Take a look at some of our most popular, simple ways to dress like the most beloved princesses.

Let Down Your Hair Princess Dress



The power is in the details for this princess look! Help her put on this pink and purple princess dress, braid her hair and add matching mouse ears. Tuck silk flowers into the braid if you have any! A small, green stuffed animal and a frying pan from her play kitchen will top off the look.

Name Means Beauty Princess Dress

name means beauty princess dress - belle dress up little girls dress



With this classic yellow princess dress, throw on some coordinating mouse ears, tuck a hardcover book under her arm, and let her carry around a teacup from a tea set. If you have some extra craft supplies, take a red pipe cleaner and twist it to look like a rosebud, then secure it to a green pipe cleaner to make a magical rose.

Poison Apple Princess Dress



She’s bound to feel absolutely classic in this graceful princess dress. A red apple is a must, as well as matching mouse ears and a broom for cleaning up the dwarves’ home. Have her gather up all of her stuffed animals so she can make believe that they are helping her with all of her tasks.

Glass Slipper Princess Dress



She’ll be ready for the ball in this two-toned, blue princess dress! Have her don her fanciest shoes, tie a black ribbon around her neck and put her hair in a bun to go with her coordinating mouse ears.

Ice Queen Princess Dress



Perfect the ice queen look by styling a loose braid and tucking coordinating mouse ears into her hair to match this blue dress fit for royalty. Search your closet for a lightweight scarf that you can pin to her shoulders to replicate the cape on this classic character.

Sister Ice Princess Dress



To round out her look for the sister ice princess dress, take a white ribbon and tie it into her hair on the top right side. Style her hair into two braids and then put on the corresponding mouse ears. A small pink or purple blanket tied around her neck like a cape tops it off!

So the next time she wants to play princess dress up, keep these easy ideas in mind to take playtime to the next level! She’s sure to feel like royalty.