6 Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Your little girl’s birthday is coming up and it’s time to start doing some party planning. In my experience, once the theme has been chosen, it becomes a whole lot easier to make decisions on things such as games, decorations and food, and with so many fun themes to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Take a look at our favorite birthday party theme ideas to jumpstart your party planning!

1. Princess Party

Girl wearing princess dress and crown

What’s more classic than a princess-themed party for YOUR little princess? Have all of her guests wear their favorite princess dress to the party and give princess-themed mouse ears as favors. You could base the party off of her favorite princess or on princesses in general; you really can’t go wrong with this theme!

2. A Campout

There are so many fun ways to let your little girl and her friends “go camping” for her birthday party. Whether you’re going to a nearby campground, pitching a tent in the backyard, or making a blanket fort inside with everyone’s sleeping bags inside, this is a classic party idea full of fun opportunities. Have supplies for s’mores, and if you’re in the backyard, see if you can find a way to project a movie on the side of the house. Hello, ultimate movie night!

3. Unicorns

Girl in yellow unicorn dress

The recent unicorn craze is still going strong, and we are all about it. Have the birthday girl dress up in her favorite unicorn outfit for the occasion, and invite the party guests to come in unicorn attire as well. See what ideas you can find on unicorn food, cake, treats and games. You could even have all of her party guests make their own unicorn horns to take home!

4. Wild, Wild West

Is she a lover of all things horses and cowgirl boots? Consider incorporating this into her upcoming birthday party! Whether you’re finding horse-themed games they can play in the house or backyard, or you’re taking them to a ranch to ride horses, this is a fantastic party theme with a ton of fun decor and food ideas that you can take advantage of. Be sure to get her dressed up in the perfect cowgirl dress!

5. High Tea

Pull out the china set and linen napkins for a perfectly adorable tea party. It’s easy to make a fancy, elegant party for your little girl and all of her friends! Make fancy tea sandwiches and cut them into fun shapes, serve juice as the tea, and make sure the cake is as frilly as possible! Invite all of the girls to come with hats and gloves to make everything extra fancy. Pinkies up, ladies!

6. Baking Party

Is your little girl an aspiring culinary master? Consider throwing her a baking party! Do some research on what kinds of recipes would be good for a group of young girls, and then make something they can take home with them! Find some fun chef’s hats and aprons that everyone can wear and take home after the party, and look for a movie everyone can watch while their masterpieces are coming to life in the oven.