5 St. Patrick's Decoration Ideas for the Kids

Oh, those elementary school days when you had to make sure to wear green so you wouldn’t get pinched. 

But there were also cupcakes with green frosting and stories about leprechauns. And now, some classrooms have visits from the mischievous creatures, complete with overturned desks and cryptic messages on the blackboard.

There are even leprechaun hunts these days, where students find treasure boxes full of chocolate golden coins and candy necklaces. Teachers have really stepped up their game since we were kids!

Why not bring some of that magic home? Especially if your kid’s classroom doesn’t participate in St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Shamrock Fans

We love these paper fan shamrocks on Why not get the biggest pack of green paper you can find and make a bunch of these beauties and turn them into a garland?

Now, Maggie on this website suggests gluing a string to one of the leaves if you plan to hang the shamrocks, but if you’re making these with your kids, perhaps a hole punch and some shiny green ribbon would be easier--especially if you want to hang the shamrocks from the stem.

How do you make them? Cut three CD-sized rounds out of a piece of green paper using a round object as a guide. Fold them up accordion style from opposite sides, fold again into heart shapes, and then glue them together. You use a paper scrap to make the stem. Definitely take a look at the website for more detailed instructions. We think you and your kids will love how they look!


Lights are always an impressive way to decorate, for not a lot of out-of-pocket cost. These waterproof green fairy lights are also practical because they make a great vibrant green St. Patrick’s Day.They can be repurposed for a fairy garden party in the summer, or a touch of green lighting for Christmas, if you celebrate.

St. Patrick’s Day Terrarium

Here’s an absolutely adorable decoration from that’s easy for kids to put together. Make sure you hold onto the glass jars while they fill them with green candy, chocolate coins, leprechauns, and rainbow suckers.

What we love about these decorations is that you can use the same containers to make holiday terrariums all year long. 

Haeley from the website stated, “I’ve now completed a full year of holiday terrarium ideas using these same three glass jars – such a fun challenge. Head to the end of the posts for links to each of the ideas if you’d like to start your own tradition of holiday terrariums!”

Follow her ideas or come up with your own. There are so many possibilities.

Huge Peel and Stick Shamrocks

There’s one thing we all know about kids--they love stickers. That being the case, these stickers will make your children  ecstatic. They’re giant and can safely cover walls, windows, and appliances for lots of holiday fun.

So for serious bang for your buck, don’t miss out on these decals. They also make a great background for photo ops.

Fairy Ears

Get into the magic of it all with these green-sequined, fairy mouse ears. If you have a daughter who wants to wear something charmingly unique to avoid the whole pinch fest, then these are for her. 

They also make great dress-up accessories all year round and are great for attire at the parks if you’re mouse ear fans. 

We know we are! 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, friends! We hope it’s magical.