4 Playdate Outfits Your Toddler Will LOVE

The only thing worse than being cooped up at home all day is being cooped up at home with a toddler. It can make you both go a little crazy! So what do you do? Schedule a playdate! Kids love getting together with their friends, and moms can always use a little time to chat with their mama friends too.

Since playdates are usually in a casual setting, you want to make sure you dress your toddler in casual and comfortable clothes. Think simple, loose-fitting, and lightweight outfits, because just like mobility is important to you while on a playdate, it’s important to your kid too.

Twirl Dresses

Girls' Mauve Twirl Dress

If there’s one thing every toddler needs in her closet, it’s a twirl dress – or several! Designed with a loose, flowy fit and made from soft, lightweight fabric, a twirl dress is perfect for a museum, aquarium, or at-home playdate. And you can easily have your daughter bring a jean jacket or sweater to throw over her dress in case she gets cold. What little girl doesn’t love a closet full of dresses in her favorite colors and fun prints?

Leggings + Tee

Girls' Mustard Ruffle Long Sleeve



For the toddler who hates wearing pants, leggings to the rescue! Your girl can keep moving all day in leggings because they’re so stretchy and cozy. They’re also easy to get on and off, typically aren’t too thick or too thin, and offer a snug fit and support where it’s needed whether you’ve got a diaper, pull-up, or underwear-wearing bum to cover. And hey, leggings are cheap. So you don’t have to worry when your child accidentally spills paint on them. Paired with a tunic, tee, tank top or sweatshirt, leggings are great for mornings at the park, lunch dates at Chick-fil-A, and just about any other indoor or outdoor playdate you can think of.


Girls' Dusty Rose Ruffle Pocket Jumpsuit



Jumpsuits, playsuits, rompers – whatever you call them they’re a staple in everyday toddler fashion. They provide effortless style and allow for freedom, which means she can run, jump, do cartwheels, and play all day with her friends. Full-length styles are fun transition pieces into spring and fall, while shorter jumpsuits are cute summer comfort at their finest.

Swimsuit + Cover-up

Headed to the pool or splash pad to beat the heat? That’s our kind of playdate. Put on your daughter’s favorite swimsuit and then throw a vibrant cover-up over top. We recommend a cover-up made of terry fabric since it absorbs water and dries quickly. And don’t forget a cute sun hat that matches her swimsuit, and sunglasses because it’s never too early to have a pair of cute frames.

Now the next time a mom texts you last minute about a playdate, you won’t have to fret over what your daughter will wear. But you might need her help deciding what you’ll wear.