3 Great Disney Outfits to Wear at the Magic Kingdom

When it comes to dress-up clothes for kids, you want to make sure you’re getting something that is high quality--able to endure countless play days--for a good price. Have you seen what some Disney cosplay is going for? It’s frightening. You can spend a ton of money for lower-quality items that are uncomfortable and fall apart fast.

But we’ve got your back with well-made princess dresses that are sure to help bring your girl’s ultimate fairytales to life.

These girls dress-up clothes are comfortable enough for everyday wear, while still durable enough for a full, busy day of dress-up, playtime, and make-believe. Because they’re made of a buttery-soft cotton material, these outfits for girls will quickly become go-to favorites in your girl’s wardrobe and help her act out her fondest dreams every day.

And with people flooding back to the Magic Kingdom, why not go all out and get her Disney-inspired dress-up gear that’s adorable, high quality, and  reasonably priced?

Take a look at a few favorites.

La Belle et la Bête

If your girl dreams of household items coming to life and serving her every whim, or of having the ultimate fantasy library, this Name Means Beauty dress is perfect for her visit to the Magic Kingdom. Top off with matching glitter mouse ears that come with a red, red rose for fairy-tale perfection! 

Ice Queen and Princess

Who wouldn’t want to be a queen with superpowers? With this Elsa-inspired dress, your favorite princess can pretend to build elaborate ice castles and bring a hilarious snowman to life for playtime with friends.

The Light Blue Ice Queen Dress pairs beautifully with a lovely hair bow or a matching pair of mouse ears


Choose the Teal Ice Queen Dress. This dress-up gown comes with just the right amount of sparkle, and for a great price you can get the matching mouse ears.


Don’t forget the Sister Ice Princess Dress! You can’t have one without the other. Sisters are everything. But, if your little girl doesn’t have one, she’ll just have to rope in a friend to play the other part. Don’t forget the mouse ears!

But there’s another version for sister, if you want to mix it up. 

Island Princess

Speaking of superpowers, how about having the ocean on your side? This way finder dress is perfect for a Moana-inspired outfit. Your girl will head off onto her adventures on her imaginary boat, saving her people and Nature herself.

It’s also a great dress-up for warmer weather. Your little way finder will love this dress-up outfit and want to wear it whenever she gets the chance.

And the mouse ears are absolutely adorable.

Those are  just a few of our popular Disney-inspired princess dresses. Check out the rest here and get your daughter’s favorite princess outfit and mouse ears for everyday playtime fun and for epic adventures at the Magic Kingdom! 

Have fun! Wish on a few stars for us too.