3 Fall Outfits for Toddlers & Girls

Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.

Lauren DeStefano

We love autumn. That perfect change in the weather when it’s cool enough to go outside without getting sweaty in the heat, but it’s not too cold for a long ramble through the woods where the leaves are all changing into their truest colors. Did you know that when trees get ready for winter, they stop producing chlorophyll and their real colors come out? A last hurrah before the snows come.

We love the food that makes an entrance for the season--the apple cider and the pumpkin spice, the bite in the air, the crunch of leaves under our feet and the fashion. Oh, how we love fall fashion!

Fall is a great time to take your cue from the trees and show your true colors. Your little girl will love showing off some of her new faves, too.


There is something about taking a little-girl classic outfit and turning it out in vibrant colors never seen by Heidi or even dreamed of by Anne of Green Gables. Our flouncy, ruffly pinafores come in delicious shades of goldenrod, cabernet, teal, bright coral and more. 

Style with a flutter tee and a pair of ballet-style slippers or some sleek short boots. You’ll find that pinafores are a fun and lovely addition to your girl’s closet.


Speaking of fashion classics, the jumpsuit is back! And so much cuter than anything they had in the 70s. Some have ruffly straps for a touch of feminine flair, others come as strict one-piecers, with top and sleeves all included. All are beautiful.

We adore how easy jumpsuits are to dress up or down for any occasion. They’re perfect in the schoolyard or at a family luncheon. Pair with a long sleeve tee for the strappy sets and a big bow in your little one’s hair. She’ll not only love the way she looks, but she’ll especially love the softness and freedom of movement that make jumpsuits such a pleasure to wear.

On those lovely Indian summer days, a pair of sandals completes your girl’s look. On cooler days, choose sturdier shoes and a pretty cardigan. Either way, she’ll look fabulous.

Twirl Dresses

There’s a reason our twirl dresses consistently top our bestseller categories. Beautifully fluid, flouncy, twirly--hence the name--and made in so many gorgeous colors, it will be hard to choose your favorites. These twirl dresses will make your girl feel like the perfect princess that she’s been since she first took her first breath.

Accessorize with tights, boots, ballet slippers, a locket, hairbows--whatever makes her heart happy. The twirl dress is a versatile addition to her closet and can be thrown on for a quick trip to town or dressed up for a wedding or other fancy function. Have her wear thicker tights, boots, and a lovely wool cardigan for colder days as we head deeper into the season and make our way to full-on winter.

Warm colors that complement the fall colors are always a fun fashion choice. Take your pick of the best of the season and head off to a pumpkin patch, take some pictures, and make some wonderful memories.