15 Ideas For Helping Kids Celebrate Mom On Mothers Day

Moms do a lot for us. They do our laundry, cook, clean, work, and keep us safe. Making sure that mom feels appreciated by her partner and kids on Mother’s Day is really important. Not sure how to involve your kids or what to do? Here are a few ideas to help your kids celebrate mom on Mother’s Day.

1. Have the Kids Wear Her Favorite Color

One of the most meaningful ways to show someone you know them and care about them is to show that you are listening. One thing that kids learn about at an early age is their favorite colors. More often than not, a younger child might not know mom or dad’s full name or their street address, but they will know mom’s favorite color. So, have the kiddos dress up in mom’s favorite colors as a way to celebrate her. 

Girl wearing teal ruffle long sleeve shirt

2. Have Them Make Her Breakfast

The classic breakfast in bed is a time-honored tradition. If you want to make this a fun but yummy experience for mom, make sure you help your kids prepare the breakfast. Let them have fun with it, but make sure a few items are edible so mom can enjoy them too. Pro tip: have the kids help you clean up the kitchen after you make breakfast so that there isn’t added work for mom. Pro, pro tip, let mom sleep in a little before serving breakfast!

3. Hold a Celebration in Her Honor

Another fun way to celebrate mom could be planning a small family party. Get your kids together to play her favorite game, watch a movie she loves, or eat her favorite dinner. It doesn’t need to be a huge thing with a lot of people (in fact, it’s probably better if it isn’t.) Just something small to let her know that you and the kids were thinking about her.

4. Get Her a Treat from the Kids

Does mom have a favorite treat? Ask the kids what it is! If they all mention different things, help each of the kids get those treats. Keep in mind that Mother’s Day is on a Sunday. So, if you don’t shop on Sundays, or her favorite treat comes from a shop that isn’t open on Sunday, plan accordingly. 

For example, if her favorite thing is a cherry diet coke from a certain soda shop (we’re not naming any names!), go to that shop a day or two in advance to buy a cup, top, and straw from them. Then, go purchase the soda and mix-ins from the store. That way, it won’t lose carbonation overnight. For bonus points, get her a gift card from the soda shop so she can have her favorite drink on another day too!

5. Get Her a Special Necklace from the Kids

Consider getting mom a special necklace with a charm to commemorate each of her kids, from the kids. You can also get personalized jewelry made that has your kids’ artwork on necklaces and bracelets for a super personalized gift.

6. Have the Kids Do Her Nails

If you have littles that love to help mommy, this could be a fun one! Help them set up a mini spa, and let them do her nails. However, as a warning, this could end up being a little stressful for mom. So, make sure she’s willing to let the kids do her nails (beforehand), and it might be nice to get her a gift certificate for her favorite nail place to get her nails redone on a different day.

7. Have the Kids Make Her Homemade Cards

There is nothing cuter than a homemade card from your kids. It’s also something mom can display proudly on the fridge and keep forever. Get the kids, stickers, markers, and construction paper to make cards. The cards will be a great reminder of who they were when they were little. This gift will be a favorite for years to come!

8. Ask Kids to do their Chores Before Mom Asks

There’s nothing better to do for mom than have the kids do their chores without her asking. So, get your kids up early on Mother’s Day, and have them do their chores before she gets up (quietly!) The less mom has to worry about, the better!

9. Get the Kids Dressed up and Go out to Eat with Mom

Girls wearing lace dresses and flower crowns

Make sure you talk to your kids about being on their best behavior if you’re going out to eat somewhere nice. Have the girls wear dresses and have the boys put on nice pairs of pants and button-up shirts. If you want to add to the surprise, get mom a new dress to wear out!

10. Have the Kids Make a Photo Collage for Mom

A really fun meaningful gift for mom that doesn’t require much money is a photo collage. Have some photos printed at a local drug store, and help your kids cut the pictures out. Get the kiddos scrapbook paper, stickers, markers, glue, and let them work their magic. You can even get cute frames to put the collages in to make them look more polished. These will be great gifts that she can display and treasure for years to come.

11. Keep the Kids Away so Mom Can Take a Nap

Put simply, most moms just want a nap. This is not usually something she gets because of all of the demands on her time. Treat mom to a comfy loungewear set and take the kids out to the park for an hour or two so mom can get some uninterrupted shut-eye.

12. Have the Kids Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Flowers are great for Mother’s Day. However, the flowers eventually die, and most moms will know that the kids aren’t truly behind ordering her a bouquet. So, have them make her a bouquet of tissue paper flowers. Simply get some brightly-colored tissue paper and green pipe cleaners. Help your kids cut out circles, petals, etc. from the tissue paper. Then put the petals on the pipe cleaners. They’ll make the perfect bouquet that mom can treasure forever.

13. Help Them Make Mom a Book

There are so many ways to make books these days. You can have one professionally made of family pictures. Places like Shutterfly can do this. You can also hand make a book with your kids with scrapbooking supplies and pictures. Moms love pictures and preserving memories!

14. Have the Kids “Heart Attack” Mom’s Door

This is a cute way to show love for mom. Cut hearts out of red and pink construction paper. Then have your kids write things they love about mom or draw pictures on the hearts. Then have the kids tape the hearts to her bedroom door, bathroom, kitchen, office–wherever she spends a lot of her time. It’ll be a cute reminder to her of how loved she is.

15. The Kids Can Give Her Chore Coupons

Help your kids make chore coupons that they can give to mom. Things that are outside their regular chores are a must. You can buy coupon packs or make them at home.

No matter what you decide to get mom for Mother’s Day, as long as it comes from the heart, that’s what’s most important!