10 Cute First Day of School Outfit Ideas for Girls

With school coming back in session, getting a cute first day of school outfit ready for your daughter’s first day of school might be all that’s on her mind. Whether it’s a first day of preschool outfit or a first day of kindergarten outfit–she’ll be stylish and confident in any of these cute outfit ideas. While the classic jeans and a tee look are always an easy go-to for school days, she might want something a little more special for the first day. Here are 10 first day of school outfit ideas that will have any little girl looking and feeling fabulous on her first day of school.

1. Tiered Dress


Fit for a princess, a girls’ tiered dress is a perfect choice for the first day of school outfit. With puff sleeves and a soft, flexible fit, this dress is as comfortable as it is cute. And did we mention it has pockets? Every girl, whether she’s 5 or 75, knows how important finding a dress with pockets is. Paired with sandals or sneakers, a tiered dress will have your daughter confident and fashionably ready for the first day of school fun.

2. Neutral Shirt and Leggings

If your daughter isn’t into dresses, a longer shirt and leggings will be the perfect first day of school outfit idea!. The first day can make some kids feel nervous. But wearing a comfy pair of leggings might help ease your daughter’s nerves. The right clothes can impact how she feels as well as her self-confidence level. Put on a bright headband and colorful sneakers to add some fun pops of color to this neutral first day of school outfit.

3. Overalls with a Patterned Shirt

Denim overalls are easy to wear and style. They’re like denim jeans in that sense, except we think they’re even cuter on little girls! Since it’ll still be summer, opt for a pair of shortalls. Unlike the stiff overalls your mom put you in as a little girl, today’s trendy girls’ denim shortalls come in a variety of colors and styles, and many are made with fabrics that have some stretch to them. The layering and styling possibilities are almost limitless with girls overall shorts, but we suggest having your daughter wear a short-sleeved patterned shirt underneath hers and matching sandals. This is one of the cutest first day of school outfits for girls!

4. Jumpsuit

If you think you’re noticing a pattern of easy and cute first day of school outfit ideas that are also comfortable, then you’d be right. And that’s another reason to love jumpsuits. They offer the best of both worlds, as they’re fashionable and comfortable. But they offer even more than that. Jumpsuits for girls are also a little more dressy than your everyday t-shirt-and-jeans look. They’re more practical than a dress, giving your daughter the freedom to chase her friends around the playground and swing from the monkey bars while keeping her covered. A matching hair bow and sandals will help tie this darling one-piece look together.

5. Long Cardigan with Jeans and a Layering Shirt

If your daughter goes back to school after Labor Day or if you think she might get cold during the school day, have her take a long cardigan with her on that first day of school. A patterned cardigan can add a fun spirit to your daughter’s more casual jeans and layering shirt ensemble. Plus, a cardigan is easy to put on and take off as she needs to throughout the day. It would also look pretty adorable tied around her waist.

6. Shorts and a Cute Top

Another back-to-school getup for girls is shorts paired with a cute top. This outfit choice is simple enough for a little girl to pick out on her own, and it will have her looking as sweet as can be. Whether it’s a pair of biker shorts and a graphic tee or roll-cuff denim shorts with a floral-smocked blouse, both options prove that girls’ warm-weather style has gotten cooler this school year.

7. Gingham Check Dress

Does your little princess love dressing up for special occasions? Then, let her feel as special as her special day in a gorgeous gingham check dress. It’s an adorable girls' first day of school outfit that she’ll want to wear over and over.  Functional fashion at its finest, she will be twirling down the halls in this comfortably cute dress with pockets. Layer it with a denim jacket and white tennis shoes, or don’t because your little girl may look way too grown up in this adorable first day of school outfit.

8. Joggers and a Classic Tee

Who says joggers and a classic tee is only the mom uniform? We don’t! We also think it’s a great back-to-school uniform for girls. This cute first day of school outfit ideas checks off all the boxes. Kids’ joggers and tees are soft, stretchy and practical. And if your little girl is still into it, matching mommy-and-me jogger and tee outfits will make for the absolute cutest first day of school pictures of you and your mini-me.

9. Polo Shirt and Khakis

This first day of school outfit idea is a classic! Wardrobe staples like a polo shirt and khakis make getting dressed for school a breeze. This is especially true if your daughter is still on a summer sleep schedule or if her school requires kids to wear a school uniform. A solid white or navy polo shirt and khaki pants will have your daughter looking polished on her first day of school, even if your morning doesn’t go quite as planned.

10. Ruffle Sleeve Shirt and Skirt

Most little girls love wearing ruffles. So, a girl’s ruffle sleeve shirt worn with a skirt is sure to be a good first day of school outfit. The flutter sleeves look great with skirts, as well as shorts and jeans. They add a fun fluttery boost to any girl’s style and confidence on the first day of school. Let your daughter add her own personal touch to this ensemble by accessorizing with simple hair accessories or jewelry. 

Back to school shopping can be hectic and intimidating, or it can be fun. We hope this list of cute first day of school outfit ideas makes it the latter for you and your daughter.