10 Holiday Outfit Ideas for Girls

The holidays are slowly creeping in, and perhaps one of the best parts of this time of year (other than all of the specialty desserts because come on, how fantastic is that?) is planning the outfits for your little girl.

The lace and the velvet and all those big bows? It’s the stuff that Christmas dreams are made of.

Take a look at our top ten favorite holiday outfit ideas for girls that are sure to inspire!

1. Dainty and Lacy

What’s more classic than a lacy dress for your little girl’s holiday ensemble? This white lace dress is at the top of our list for its versatility.

It’s the perfect blank (and beautiful and classic and timeless) canvas. A red or green bow in her hair, a glittery gold cardigan, and some cute little flats make for a very jolly holiday outfit. This dress is also easily paired with other statement pieces, like a leopard cardigan or some bold red tights, to make it more of a standout ensemble.

Is your little girl playing the angel in a nativity this year? This dress is the perfect option! 

2. Something Velvet

Velvet is always a good idea, but this fabric has its time to shine during the holidays. There’s just something about it that screams elegance and we are all about it! This beautiful velvet dress with a maroon red bow and some little black flats? Unbeatable.

A cute velvet long-sleeved shirt paired with a pleated skirt is another easy go-to for your little girl’s holiday party ensemble.

3. Classic Christmas Colors

Use those classic Christmas colors that we all know and love to draw inspiration for your little girl’s holiday outfits! Red and green are easy options to fall back on and are sure to stand the test of time in your albums and social media posts.

However, gold, silver, mauve, and deep teal are rising in popularity for the holidays.

4. Holiday-Themed Prints

When you hear “holiday-themed prints,” your mind is probably conjuring up images of t-shirts with a giant Santa face on them and leggings prominently featuring Rudolph and his bright red nose.

These are NOT the holiday-themed prints we’re talking about. Don’t worry. We can still be friends.

We’re talking about tasteful, subtle, and timeless holiday prints that are easily styled with layers and accessories. Our Holly Berry Twirl Dress features a classic pattern that would look adorable when layered under a cardigan. Put a cute bow in her hair, and she’ll be set!

5. Make it Mock Neck

The cousin of the turtleneck, a mock neck sweater, lends a look that is equal parts cute and sophisticated. Easily worn with a cute skirt or some pants, a cute mock neck sweater can be worn for anything from holiday parties to a chilly day at school.

This adorable ruffled mock neck sweater is a perfect example and would go perfectly with our green ruffle overalls.

6. Festive Plaid

We love to see those classic holiday looks, and plaid is right up there with holiday looks that will never go out of style. The great thing about plaid pieces is that they’re easy to pair with items in your other kid’s outfits. A coordinating plaid dress for her and a plaid bow tie for him? There’s nothing better.

7. Silver and Gold

We mentioned color earlier, but silver and gold deserve an honorable mention. I mean, come on, there’s the song from Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer talking all about these two standout colors!

Whether the outfit is based around one of these colors or it’s paired with some classic Christmas colors, it will pair well with silver or gold. Adding one of these classic hues is an easy way to incorporate a little glitz and glamour into her holiday ensemble.

8. Faux Fur

Another easy way to add some glamour to her holiday outfit? Two words. Faux fur.

Trust me; she is going to feel incredibly fancy. It could be a coat, a vest, or even a faux fur sweater. Mix it up by pairing it with some other textures and materials. A velvet bow in her hair and a faux fur vest layered over a cable knit sweater dress? She will look adorable and stay nice and warm in the winter chill.

9. Pinafores and Ruffles

Get the vintage look without the hefty price! Our pinafore dresses make it easy for you to put together a timeless look for your little girl while still ensuring that she’ll be comfortable throughout the evening.

Our cabernet pinafore would look fabulously layered over a black long-sleeved shirt and some cute gold flats, while our olive green pinafore would work well with a white sweater and perhaps a red bow in her hair.

10. Classic Christmas Pajamas

At the end of a long day of Christmas parties and family gatherings, there’s nothing better than slipping into some comfortable pajamas – especially when those pajamas are Christmas-themed!

Snag some adorable Christmas pajamas for your little girl to enjoy throughout the holiday season. It’s a minor detail that will add a special touch to bedtime, and it’s something that she’ll remember for years to come.

(Plus, how adorable would a Christmas pajama party be?)

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Outfits

So before your calendar fills up with holiday parties, white elephant gift exchanges, and family gift exchanges, make sure your little girl is all set with outfits to accommodate all of the Christmas events!