10 Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is coming up, and if you have littles, you know that this is a huge deal! Staying up late and getting candy from the neighbors? Major score.

However, perhaps one of the most important—and sometimes stressful—parts of Halloween is figuring out the perfect family costume to wear. Between choosing a theme that everyone will be excited about and finding the right outfits and accessories in the correct sizes, and then  planning out your evening and making sure everyone is staying safe, it can feel a bit overwhelming.

Well, don’t stress about it! We’re here with our top ten favorite family Halloween costume ideas to help you start brainstorming. 

1. Superheroes

There are few things more classic than some superhero costumes for your family on Halloween night. You could pull together an assortment of capes and masks, or you could dress up as some of your favorite superheroes like Captain America, Batman, Black Widow, or the Scarlet Witch. This American Wonder dress is one option for your daughter! Get everyone dressed up and get ready to save the world on Halloween night.

2. The Wizard of Oz

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! All costumes we’re sure to see on Halloween, so why not dress up as our beloved favorite characters from The Wizard of Oz?! We love this group costume idea for bigger families because there are so many recognizable characters that you can assign for each individual.

There are tons of favorites to choose from: Glinda, The Wicked Witch of the West, the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, and the Scarecrow—everyone has an option for a costume. And don’t forget Dorothy! Select a cute pinafore dress and some ruby slippers to perfect her ensemble.

3. Favorite Video Game

Whether it’s a classic favorite or a recent trend, video games are a great place to draw inspiration from for your family Halloween costume ideas. It could be yellow t-shirts decorated like Mr. and Mrs. Pacman or dress up like the gang from Mario. 

This is an easy one to use items you already have to build your costumes around like suspenders and shirts. You’ll only need to purchase accessories to make the look work.

4. Pirates

Argh, matey! There are so many fun ways for everyone in your family to dress up like pirates. The color red and plenty of black and white stripes will be a must for your color scheme. This adorable pirate dress will be perfect for your little girl to wear! Then add in some plastic swords and eye patches to finish off the assemble! 

5. Practically Perfect

One of our favorite trends is to dress up like the characters from Mary Poppins.. As the mama, you get the privilege of being practically perfect in every way (which let’s face it, you already are!) by dressing up as Mary. Your husband can be Bert, and the kids can dress up as Jane and Michael, chimney sweeps or penguins to complete the look.

6. Blast From the Past

Pick an era that you love to plan your family costumes around that. Here are some ideas:

  • 1920’s: flapper dresses and pearls for the girls, suits and fedoras for the boys
  • 1950’s: poodle skirts and cardigans for the girls, leather jackets and white t-shirts for the boys
  • 1960’s: Hippie costumes for the girls, bell bottoms for the boys
  • 1970’s: Anything disco
  • 1980’s: ‘80s rock band! Pink and black plaid with big hair for the girls, a leather vest and wig for the boys
  • 1990’s: Windbreakers and acid wash jeans for all! Put your little girl’s hair in a high pony for the perfect finishing touch

7. Extraterrestrials

Whether you’re getting ambitious with some alien costumes or you’re finding cute outfits with a space theme, this is such a fun direction to take for your family Halloween costumes. Perhaps you all dress in silver and black from head to toe (this intergalactic dress is the perfect option for your little girl!), or you go out as a family of astronauts.

8. Harry Potter

Harry Potter is one of our all-time favorite family Halloween costume ideas. Black slacks and white button-ups for the boys and pleated skirts and white button-ups for the girls paired with ties that show what house you’ve been sorted into will make the perfect costume. Make someone Harry Potter with a scar on the forehead and some glasses, and if you want to go all out, you could get cloaks and wands for everyone. Mischief managed!

9. Robot Family

Do the robot together as a family on Halloween night! Get creative with some boxes and paint and make robot costumes. This could be a fun project to work on together as a family to get everyone excited for Halloween night.

You could also get clothing that is already designed to look like robots. You’ll still accomplish this awesome look, but it will be so much easier! This little girl robot dress is the perfect way to go.

10. Day of the Dead

And last but certainly not least, get creative with that facepaint by doing a Day of the Dead look for your family Halloween costume! The boys can wear three-piece suits, the girls can wear ruffled black dresses and colorful flower crowns, and everyone can have their face painted like a skeleton to complete the look. This group costume is an easy crowd-pleaser, so get ready to receive tons of compliments!

Time to Trick or Treat!

Halloween is one of the best holidays out there, and when you have the opportunity to enjoy it with your family, it’s made even more magical. Watching your kids get all dressed up and witnessing their excitement at seeing friends in costume and receiving tons of candy, well, there’s nothing better. 

So get to planning out that group costume! Take some of our family Halloween costume ideas into account and get ready to seriously love your family Halloween experience this year.