10 Christmas Gift Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Christmas is coming, and finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list is of the utmost importance. Whether you’re playing Santa for Christmas morning or you’re on the hunt for the perfect items to give your grandchildren or nieces and nephews, knowing what options and finding some inspiration is going to help you zero in on that perfect gift that is sure to bring a smile to their face.

Check out ten of our favorite and foolproof Christmas gift ideas that any kid would love to receive for Christmas!

1. Art Supplies

What’s better than giving a child the ability and opportunity to create something? Art supplies are a timeless option that is never going to go out of style and it will never be boring. The opportunities will be endless!

The great thing about this Christmas gift is that you can go as broad or as specific as you want. Maybe a set of paints or special drawing pencils will make them happy, or perhaps they want something for a very specific craft, like polymer clay for jewelry or a kit to make bath bombs.

2. Princess Dress Up

Another gift that will be a huge hit for the little girl in your life is some princess dress-up clothing. Whether you’re wanting to add a little something to her dress-up collection or you’re giving her a princess outfit for a magical trip you’ll be taking soon, this is sure to be a huge hit!

We have the perfect variety of princess dresses to choose from (and all comfortable enough to play in all day long!). What’s even better, we have a fun assortment of mouse ears to choose from, making it easy to accessorize her new princess dresses.

3. Board Games

It’s always a good idea to have a fun assortment of board games to choose from, making this a great option to consider as a Christmas gift. You could go with the classics, something like Sorry or Twister, or you could choose something a little newer (Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is a personal favorite in our house).

4. Bikes and Scooters

The perfect gift that will be used all year long! Whether they’re getting bundled up to test it out on Christmas day or they’re staying up late playing with friends during the summer,  a new bike or scooter is a great option. This is especially true if you’re looking for something that can serve as a landmark gift for the year. A shiny new bike under the tree with a big bow tied to the handlebars? There’s nothing better.

5. Kid’s Smart Watch

Kids are adventurous, and often, those adventures take them outside the walls of your home. If you want a way to stay in touch with them but you don’t feel like they’re old enough for a cell phone, a kid’s smart watch is the perfect thing!

While there’s a variety of kid smart watches to choose from, they all have the same essential features: you set the phone numbers that your child is able to call and receive calls from, they can receive texts from numbers set by you, and they have a tracking feature, so you can monitor where your kids are adventuring.

6. Something Musical

What kid doesn’t love a new keyboard to play or a guitar to strum? Finding something musical to give them for Christmas could be just the thing to help them find a new talent. 

When it comes to finding the right musical gift, there’s a wide variety of things to choose from. It could be a musical instrument, it could be a karaoke machine (I mean, everyone will love that, right?), you could even get them something special to play music. A bluetooth speaker maybe?

7. Superhero Dress Up

Let them dress up like their favorite superhero! Whether she’s obsessed with all things female superheroes or he can’t get enough Spiderman in his life, there are plenty of superhero outfits and accessories to give them the perfect look for playtime.

Wanting to take your kid’s dress-up situation to the next level? Get a cool dress-up storage piece where they can easily see everything that they have to choose from for their make-believe play.

8. Kid-Friendly Video Games

There are video game options for every age and interest, making this an easy crowd-pleaser. Games like Animal Crossing, Minecraft, anything from the Mario universe, and other classics like Sonic and Kirby are all fan favorites that your kids are sure to love.

Elevate this gift by pairing the video game with some new controllers (especially if it’s a multi-player game. Make sure you have everything you need to play together!), or even a new gaming console! Make their Christmas dreams come true.

9. Legos

Give your little ones an opportunity to show their creative side! There are few things better than having a huge box full of Legos to play and experiment with. Whether it’s a specific set that they’ve been wanting or its a general box for them to dig through, legos are timeless and an easy way for your kids to fill an afternoon with fun, effective play.

10. Science Experiments

Give them the tools they need to conduct crazy fun science experiments for Christmas! It could be a microscope to help look at things as up-close as possible, or maybe a fun, colorful crystal growing kit. Whatever it is, it will give them the opportunity to learn and have fun all at the same time with a science experiment kit.

Finding the right Christmas gifts for our kids can feel challenging. But keeping that spirit and magic of Christmas alive doesn’t have to be complicated! Take some of our favorite, go-to gift ideas into account and get ready to create the perfect Christmas for your family!