Theme Park Prep: What to Pack On Your Trip to Disney World or Disneyland

It’s happening.


Your family can hardly wait. The kids are counting down the days and everyone is filled with anticipation. Bust out those lanyards and mouse ears because you’re going to the Magic Kingdom!

But don’t forget those essentials that keep your Disney days running smoothly and the fun going non-stop.

Water Bottles

You’re better off with a water bottle that clips onto your backpack or slips in a side pocket than wasting gobs of money and taxing the environment with disposables. To keep the kids happy, pick out their water bottles ahead of time and Disnify them with stickers. With their own hand-decorated containers, your kids will be able to recognize their own park beverages. 

Walking all day dehydrates us quickly, especially in the summer months. If you have water on hand, you’ll drink more water than stopping at water fountains or buying drinks throughout the day.

Waterproof Ponchos

Whether you’re vacationing within the weather-roulette wheel that is Florida or your family really, really loves those Disney water rides, a pack of disposable ponchos is a must-have for your park visit. Or you can wait until you’re waiting in line and pay about the same price for one poncho in the gift shop.

Trust us: it’s better to buy ahead, save, and keep your place in line.

Mouse Ears

Show up to your resort-of-choice already decked out in your fave mouse ears. You’ll start out the day more festive and in that special Disney frame of mind. Buy ahead here, and you can have ears that are styled after every family member’s favorite Disney character. Check out these soft and comfy princess dresses, too.

Ziplock Bags

Keep a few bags tucked in your backpack for any number of reasons. Who knows? Maybe your daughter’s favorite necklace breaks and you need a way to keep the pieces together. Sealable bags are also great for keeping your phone and chargers safe from water. 

Store lunch leftovers without fear of fuzz and keep small items like bobby pins together so they’re easier to find.

Keep your sunblock inside a bag to avoid lotion-ey explosions in case the cap comes off. Speaking of sunblock …

Sun Gear

Keep safe in the sun with enough sun gear for  everyone including sunblock, hats, and sunglasses. The Disney experience is worth the energy, but not worth the pain and dangers of sunburn.


Your family will expend a lot of calories hoofing it all over the Magic Kingdom. Keep little ones happy (and the grown-ups, too) by having some treats on hand. Aim for high protein fare that will keep everyone going and not the sugary stuff that will end in a crash. Leave the sugar to the churros. Yum!

Phones, Cameras, and Power

Most of us have our cameras on our phones now. Be sure to take lots of pictures and dress for Disney family fun. Find your favorite spots for backdrops and make those places a Disney tradition.

You’ll be surprised how fast you use up a charge. Keep chargers on hand, and don’t forget a small portable battery pack to keep your phones charged and picture-ready when you’re on the go.


You may come across a few sticky situations. Be ready with wet wipes. Don’t bring a whole huge pack--pull some out and store in a Ziploc bag, (See? You’re using them already!)

First Aid Kit

Keep it small and filled with essentials. You may not need it, but you’ll be glad you have one if you do have a mini-crisis on your hands.

Have fun!