The 3 Best Activities for Little Girl Playdates

When you’ve got the girls getting together, you better have some plans ready. They may be able to entertain themselves, but they can also get bored fast which means trouble. 

If you have a theme and a plan, you’re good to go. Take your cue from your daughter’s favorites. If she’s all about the movie Frozen, maybe you can have some adventures focused around Anna and Elsa. If she lives to ride horses someday, dance in the ballet or run down fields like a soccer star, then you have some ideas of ways to go. However, keep in mind that the visiting friend may not be jazzed to don ballet shoes or cleats, so be ready to switch gears and promise your little darling she can play with the other stuff when the playdate is over.

Dress Up

Girls in dress up

Kids love pretending. If they walk in and see tons of bookshelves, they’ll suddenly be playing library. Nothing makes them happier than being creative and making up situations and acting out stories dressed in princess dresses for toddlers and kids. 

Have plenty of costumes on hand and accessories, and you’ll have happy children. If they fight over the same items, make them take turns with the feather boa or the tiara--whatever’s causing the problem. Disney’s always popular, so you can’t go wrong with some Minnie mouse ears. Throw in a doctor’s bag and a microscope in the costume box. No reason a princess can’t be a doctor or a scientist, too. 

High Tea

Once they’re dressed up and ready to socialize, turn snack time into a high tea in your restaurant. Pretend to be a waiter and take their orders. Do a cheezy French accent à la Lumiere/Candlestick from Beauty and the Beast, and you’re sure to be entertaining. And if they just stare at you like you’re weird, then you’ve had a pre-practice session for their teenage years. 

Take lots of pictures so you can share the memories with the other parents later. You can pick up a reasonably priced princess dress for toddlers or a princess twirl dress on our website. We also have superhero and Star Wars-inspired dress-up clothes and accessories available, if that’s more your girl’s style.


Girls painting

It’s rare that a child doesn’t get a big kick out of making something. From toilet paper roll butterflies to Christmas ornaments, children love having something they can take home and show their parents. Just make sure to use washable, non-toxic paints and cover up their clothes completely. Here are some basic craft ideas, and here are some that are artsy crafts combined with a scientific angle. Depending on their ages, you’ll have to help a little or a whole lot. 

You can also combine the craft and snack time by tackling creative projects they can eat. String grapes, small cheese chunks and pretzels together for a necklace they can eat, or make ice cream in a plastic bag. Here are directions with some more ideas on how to make food fun, but don’t be afraid to jump in and come up with your own ideas. Why do cookie cutters have to be just for cookies? Bread and cheese cut out to make sandwiches just that more exciting.

Whatever you do, just have fun with your daughter and her friend. Now go out there and make some memories!