6 Activities for Valentine's Day Fun with Your Kid

Valentine’s Day is almost here and that means your children are all hyped up for special treats and tons of heart-shaped fun. 

Some families have traditions for every holiday, and if you do—why not try out a few more? If not, now’s the time to jump in and find out what activities click with your family. Make some memories and find the traditions your kids will love to pass on through generations.

Your children will never forget these special times you share.


  1. First of all, make a garland for the occasion. Cut some hearts out of cardstock and let your kids decorate them with you. Remember, glitter covers a multitude of sins—or, at least, minor crafting mistakes.

    Punch out a hole in each corner of the hearts and thread with twine. Baker’s twine comes in particularly pretty colors. Hang your garland where you’ll see it regularly. 
  1. Another way to decorate for Valentine’s Day, and every holiday, is to invest in a trio of 10 x 10 blank canvases that are ready to hang up. From craft stores, buy all things heart-shaped that charm you. Doilies, fuzzy hearts, and glittery kiss stickers—let your imagination run wild. Then let your child decorate some nice cardstock with your store finds and then pin their masterpiece to the canvases. 

    Hang up your personalized canvases and take pictures. For the next holiday, take down their creations and have them create new artistic creations.
  1. If your children aren’t too young for balloons, you can buy some plain pink, red, or white balloons and let your kids decorate them with valentine stickers. 


  1. Generally, we like dress-up games that allow your kids to use theirr imagination and we’re less crazy about online activities, but this Disney matching game is adorable—and it’s also a great way for young children to work on their memory skills. Click on each heart-engraved card, and match the couples. From Kristoff and Anna, Daisy and Donald, and Kermit and Miss Peggy—you’ll find all the epic Disney pairings are here.
  1. If you have a big group, you can play this Mittens and Kisses game. Put the children into two equal lines. If you have an unequal number, the line with the youngest child can have one less person.

    All you need is a pair of mittens and a bag of Hershey’s kisses. The line with the children who can unwrap the candy, eat the chocolate, pass the mittens to the next in line, and finish the fastest, wins. 
  1. Try this fun dress-up twist on charades, write down some favorite movie and book characters on slips of paper. Each person has to grab whatever they can find around the house to wear that will allow their team to guess who they’re supposed to be. Be creative—tongs can become a duckbill, a sheet a ballgown, and a bowl a crown. Take pictures and have fun!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! Don’t forget to score some chocolate for yourself and do something you love.